Hindi Tv Serial Betaal Aur Sinhasan Battisi

Betaal Aur Sinhasan Battisi Hindi tv-serials on SAB TV

Betaal Aur Sinhasan Battisi is an Indian soap opera that airs on the TV channel Sony PAL. The show is a comical adventure about medieval times with fantasy and comedy intertwined in a subtle manner. It is based on the King Vikramaditya and his rule on the throne. Raja Vikramaditya possessed a number of very precious statues. Each of these precious statues was supposed to contain its very own angel in it. The Raja had a total number of 32 statues, along with which came a fascinating number of 32 angels. The story then revolves around another king, named Raja Bhoj. This king is supposed to ascend Raja Vikramaditya’s Throne. While Raja Bhoj tries to ascend Raja Vikramaditya’s Throne, he has to face an angel every time he reaches one step closer to the throne.

Whenever he attempts to climb the throne, the angel appears and narrates the tales of Vikramaditya to Raja Bhog. The angel then questions Raja Bhog about his perceptions and his views on situations where he would have to fight his way out with the help of all his virtues. Every episode in the show features the story of such a mythological tale. Every episode is unique and highlights the medieval collection of stories as it progresses. The actor Karan Suchak plays the role of the mighty king Vikramaditya. The dynamic actor Siddharth Arora plays the role of the male protagonist. The actor has also featured in several other TV shows like Doli Armaanon Ki and Mukti Bandhan. Aditi Sajwan plays the role of one angel out of the total of thirty-two.

The name of her angelic character is Paraakram, and she is best known for her qualities of valor. Navina Bole plays the role of another statue among the thirty-two. Her job is to descend and test Raja Bhoj continuously in his quest to conquer the throne. Navina Bole has also appeared in another show on SAB TV, Jeannie Aur Juju. The role of Raja Bhoj’s wife, Vallari is played by the actor Cheshta Mehta. There lies another important character in the show. Maha Maya is believed to be the ultimate power that guards Raja Vikramaditya’s Throne. Sayantani Ghosh plays the role of this supreme power.

The show is produced by Creative Eye Ltd., which is run by Dheeraj Kumar. The show has been in demand, and its popularity allowed it to re-emerge on a different channel as well. The grandeur with which the show runs on the aspects of fantasy was retained in the re-emerged show. However, a subtle punch of humor was added to the plot during its re-emergence.