Hindi Tv Serial Best Friends Forever?

Best Friends Forever? Hindi Tv serials on Channel v

BFF - One of the most trending words on social media nowadays. But this is not just a word it’s a person who is not less important to someone than even his/her parents or Girl friend/Boy friend.

Best Friends Forever show is the story of 3 close friends Sanjana, Ela (Charlie Chauhan), and Vinnie (Shritama Mukherjee) and their joys, sorrows, complications, wins, losses and all about that tender young age. When one gets in trouble, the other 2 come in to solve and makes that trouble more complex even before solving it. But they are all happy. But suddenly their group turns big when they find their 4th friend in Varun. But as we said ‘tender young age’ and its complexities, they come into play when Varun falls for Ela and proposes her.

In this age, often friendship is misunderstood as love and that’s what happened even here. Ela turns down his proposal and in a sad turn of events he commits suicide. Their lives turn full circle and their happy go lucky lives are struck with thunder. Teen-age is a challenge and these kids face the blunt part of it. They pass through hardships, trauma and torture but they never tore apart. They are each other’s BFF and they remain that way. This is the main juice of this whole show.

To explore yourself, to know yourself, to know how good you are, to know how bad you can be…this show is a must watch!