Hindi Tv Serial Barrister Vinod

Barrister Vinod Hindi tv-serials on DD NATIONAL

Barrister Vinod is a serial which used to air on DD channel. It is regarded as the most viewed show on DD channel. This national once used to be nation’s favourite channel and people used to watch various serials on it. The genre of the show is a thriller. It is the best show of its time when folks who loved and liked watching full of suspense and exciting and chilling the adrenaline rush. The story of the show was so full of mystery and horror too that made the people love the show.

The crew of the serial work really hard and especially the one who wrote the script has the plot line of the serial was a substantial reason for the victory of the show. It was the script that gained a lot of viewers and made it to the best thriller show on TV of that time. The story was that each time they used to solve a new crime scene and also the happenings which used to take place when they were on their way to crack and complete the case. The twist in the tale used to make up to such a great plot. The show was aired with other shows and some of them were based on the genre of thriller only. But it was Barrister Vinod which left a long lasting impact on the spectators.

The major role in the show was played by ParikshitSahni who is an Indian film and television actor. Thus he is known and famous for his performance in Barrister Vinod. Thus the efforts put in by the cast are also no less and thus they gained a lot of appreciation from it. The people also appreciated the emotions, feelings and the costumes of the characters. The roles were given to each of them that totally fit them and thus it was the reason that led to the success. Thus the dialogues were well- written and the scenes laid were in accordance the time, which also can be regarded as the success factor of the show. Thus with a unique and different story, the show was a hit among the audience, not only in India but in overseas.

DD channel used to telecast its shows in abroad also which led to the increase in TRPs of the network in whole. The show was officially made in Hindi but the dubbed versions of it are also available. Thus in whole the serial also made the channel a world famous channel with its success.