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Badho Bahu is a new television drama which airs on & (and) television. It first aired on September twelfth two thousand and sixteen. It is telecasted on & (and) television every Monday to Friday at nine o clock. The main focus of the story is an overweight girl Komal. She is quite overweight and this has never bothered her. She loves everyone and everyone admires her for her simple yet charming personality. She helps everyone put in her village. Whenever any family is in trouble she lands up there and helps them out. She is called as Badho by the village people and everyone she knows. Badho means too much in Haryana. It is a romantic story where the romance angle starts when Badho is married off to the wrestler of the village Lakhan Singh Alawat. He is affectionately called as lucky.

She realizes that her husband doesn't love her as it being and arrange marriage and her being fat. The story shows her struggles to impress her spouse and make him love her. She faces a lot of challenges but she somehow passes through all these challenges because of her confident personality and positivity. The story is set in a typical Haryanvi village where the village and the characters of the serial have a very orthodox type of a mind. The serial is successful in capturing the typical Haryanvi feel and gives a very simple and desi charm. The characters of Komal and Lucky are very well written and loved by the audience. Komal's personality is loved by all. She is quite outspoken and vibrant and is very friendly and helpful.

She has a very big heart and helps out whoever is in need. She ends up getting married to a man who doesn't love her but this doesn't bring down her confidence. With her grace and Classiness, she wins over everyone's heart and hopefully would one day even win over her husband's heart. On the other hand is Lucky. He is a typical Haryanvi boy who also has quite a few dreams about his future wife. He is disappointed to get married to a fat girl like Komal but in future learns that appearance is not everything in life. He is a wrestler by profession and is a good person by heart. He initially avoids and hates his wife but with time starts falling for her personality and adorable behavior.