Hindi Tv Serial Baat Hamari Pakki Hai

Baat Hamari Pakki Hai Hindi Tv serials on Sony entertainment

Baat Hamari Pakki Hai was a simple going love story where the girl loves boy but boy loves someone else. After, he falls in love the former girl and after some high octane drama they become one. But, it’s not that simple as it seems. The emotions associated with the story make it a treat to watch.

The girl, Saanchi (Ankita Sharma) finds it difficult to get a perfect match for her. Every day she handles rejection and gets humiliated which shows that how difficult a girl's life is. When she finds her love, she gets happy. But this happiness is short lived because the boy, Shravan ('Barun Sobti') love someone else. This poor girl however gets to marry him but to add to this misery Shravan doesn't love her. She fights with her fate and gets her love. But when everything seems alright she is met with an accident and she loses her memory. She forgets everything in 24 hours. But don't worry, this way she get loads of love because her husband cuddles her every day and give her loads of love, make her feel special every day.

Moving back, then Saanchi is an orphan and she faces defeat right from her childhood. She loses her parents &grows up at her maternal uncle’s home. At a young age, she finds difficult to cope with the fact that despite being so good in nature, she finds it difficult to get her soul mate. She bears all the hardships in her life, be it mentally or physically. But finally, gets to get the love she always deserved…..Happy ending!!!