Hindi Tv Serial Azaadi Heroes

Azaadi Heroes Hindi Tv serials on Life ok

The “Azaadi heroes” is a live show telecast on Life Ok channel. This show is a live event based program where a significant number of audiences visit to encourage the participants. This telecast is on behalf of the Independence Day Click to look into! >> Read More... Independence Day in India. The timing of the program is from 13th August to 15th August at 5 PM. The show ends by 8 PM daily for the three days.

Life Ok is an Indian based entertainment channel mainly based on the Hindi language programs. This show is one among the best programs conducted by the Life Ok channel on behalf of the legendary heroes in the Indian history to attain Independence for India. By this show the bravery and sacrifice of the Indian legends while achieving Independence was explained in the form of dance and drama.

Life Ok celebrates the 65th Independence with the telecast of exciting programs from August 12 to 15 and Azaadi is the program one among them. The tagline of the show is that we had heroes in the past, and we badly needed heroes like them in this modern word also. The tagline explains we had many heroes in attaining Independence and now also we need like those people to make India better. The primary intention of the program is to inspire the people in India by performing the real life story incidents of our freedom fighters.

This program is not only for the freedom fighters’ struggle for Independence but also showed the life stories of new age heroes. New Age heroes’ life stories include Neerja Bhanot Neerja Bhanot was a senior flight attendant for th >> Read More... Neerja Bhanot and Tukaram Omble who gave away their lives to protect our nation. Irrfan Khan Irrfan Khan is a noted Bollywood actor who started >> Read More... Irrfan Khan was the host of the program with his intensive speech and explanation about the ongoing show. This program is to show dedication towards all the superheroes of India who saved the nation with their sacrifices.

The main highlight of the program was the performance of Kratika Sengar Kratika Sengar or Kratika Sengar Vedant is an Ind >> Read More... Kratika Sengar . She performed the role of great fighter Rani Lakshmi Bhai with full effort to make people that whether the queen had arrived again. The performance exposes the fighting skills and dedication of Rani Lakshmi Bhai which inspires the whole nation. The performance of Karan Veer Bora as Mangal Pandey is a big turning point for the program.

Every Indian has to watch this program to get inspired by the life stories of real heroes of the nation and has to become a true hero of the nation for modern days. For further information about the show can visit the official website of the Life Ok channel.