Hindi Tv Serial Ayushmaan

Ayushmaan Hindi Tv serials on Sony entertainment

Ayushmaan is an Indian television series broadcasted on Sony Entertainment Television in 2004. This series was produced by Cinevistaas Limited, directed by Santosh Batt, Shiladitya Sen, and Gautam Deva. Pivotal roles are Played by 'Vinod Singh'/ 'Sudeep Sahir' (Ayushmaan), 'Indira Krishnan' (Ayushmaan's mom), 'Uday Tikekar' (Ayushmaan's dad), 'Riva Bubber' as Dr. Kavya (Ayushmaan's Wife), 'Neha Mehta' as Dr. Tani (Ayushmaan's first love, killed by Bodhi), 'Gunn Kansara' as Sonia (Ayushmaan's second love).

Ayushmaan is a serial about a child genius who becomes a doctor at the early age of 17. He is not matured by age but regarding the brain, he is a genius. He is afraid to reveal that he is gifted with such a brain because, in his childhood, he was accused by his teacher of being a cheater when he performed extremely well in class, after that incident he purposely became an average student.

One day Ayushmaan and his friends make a trip to an island where he sees a pregnant lady being left all alone. Left with not many options, he does the delivery of the baby as there was no hospital and doctor around the island.

When the doctor who was supervising the pregnant lady comes to know how Ayushmaan delivers a baby without any medical knowledge encourages Ayushmaan to become a doctor, but his father was against the medical profession.

In contrary, Ayushmaan loved this profession so much that he joined a hospital against the will of his father and with the blessings of his mother, and he became a doctor. Ayushmaan joins as an intern in the Vardaan Hospital. Everyone was so jealous of Ayushmaan’s upcoming that they plot against him. Only the dean, Dr. Reema Seth, supports him. Doctor Seth has a younger sister who returns from the USA and later on falls in love with Ayushmaan.

Also, Ayushmaan finds an elder brother who is mentally challenged and was left by Ayushmaans dad as a kid because he was ashamed of his mental status. Ayushmaan gets involved in a kidney scam, and Tani has been murdered while finding the proof to save Ayushmaan.

Later on, it was found that Ayushmaan’s elder brother was guilty of Tani’s Murder. He had to see many tragedies and at last, his own brother was against him. This 163 episodes serial was quite famous among youngsters.

The show started with a different concept as it dealt with child Genius but in last episodes, the story lost its original concept and turned into a typical love story. In this show, we also showcase in detail how the society deals with child geniuses in the Indian subcontinent and how they generally go through rejection in society and even family of these kids mostly don’t support them and their dreams.