Hindi Tv Serial Axe Chickipedia

Axe Chickipedia Hindi tv-serials on UTV BINDASS



AXE Chikipedia happens to be one among the most viewed web series telecast by the official YouTube channel of Bindass Television Network. Aired in the year 2012, the season 1 has 31 episodes in total, written by Imran Shamsi and acted by Tahir Bhasin, as the male protagonist and Nafisa Sharma as the female. Yes, Tahir is the same guy who appeared in the 2014 crime thriller Mardaani. Also known for his 3 minute appearance in ‘ Kai Po Che!’, he is one of the most promising young actors in Bollywood. And Nafisa is more an anchor than an actress who has hosted ‘Planet Bollywood’ in Zoom TV and many other shows that reviewed movies released in a week. She also appeared in a prank TV show ‘ Date Trap’ produced by UTV Bindass.

AXE Chikipedia was one of the first channel series to come up with comedy episodes of its kind. These scripted webisodes were based on how men are frustrated in their love lives because of their ‘torturous’ girlfriends. Each episode is different from the other and communicates how men could really remain irritated with their chosen ‘type of girlfriend’. The unnamed fictional characters in the episodes are mostly addressed as “baby”. Absurdly humorous, Chickipedia acted a saviour for countless boys who faced the same persecution as the guy in screen. Ranging from “Emotional girlfriends” to “Superstitious girlfriends”, the titles of each episode have even been renamed intelligently.

The title has been sarcastically named as ‘Chickipedia’ by merging the words ‘Chick’ (the girlfriend) and ‘pedia’ (the suffix related to learning something). In a nutshell, learning about how to handle chicks is all what Chickipedia assists innocent guys. Moreover, each episode renders its viewers with the witty quotes and the satirical definitions in the name of ‘Chickiquote’ and ‘Chickitionary’ respectively. Not even Oxford and Collins dictionaries could provide with so clear and concise definitions; get a note of them from the description below each video.

Produced by Bindass entertainment channel, the episodes seem to have left a very impressive remark upon the young generation who gladly await the second season to air. In the series, Tahir Raj Bhasin himself acts as well as hosts; meaning, he breaks the fourth wall in the season.

The tagline of AXE Chickipedia goes like this, “Learn More, Suffer Less”. Belonging to the comedy/entertainment genre, Chickipedia satirically quotes at the end of a few videos that they were brought to us by “The Association of Oppressed Men”.