Hindi Tv Serial Aur Phir Ek Din

Aur Phir Ek Din Hindi Tv serials on Star plus

Aur Phir Ek Din serial broadcast by Star Plus in 1999. Produced by Mass Communication, written By Raman Kumar, Directed by Vinita Nanada. The main characters are played by Soni Razdan, Kiran Kumar and 'Lillete Dubey'. Soni Razdan British-born actress married to director Mahesh Bhatt, Also producer of Aur Phir Ek Din under her production company Mass Communication. The story of Aur Phir Ek Din is inspired by George Clooney-Michelle Pfieffer blockbuster movie ‘One Fine Day’ released in 1998.

The Serial Aur Phir Ek Din is about two single parents bringing up their children. The character played by Soni Razdan (Ria Singh) and Kiran Kumar. Ria Singh, whose husband dies in an accident and then her struggle starts, She realised that now she has to raise her daughter alone and will have to work for financial reasons and Kiran Kumar, who is divorced with his wife Chandni ('Lillete Dubey') also struggling between bitter memories of his married life and handling his day to day problems with his son. Their Children Ria’s daughter and Kiran’s son study in the same school and become good friends, After discussing about, their parents both decided to arrange for a meeting with their parents. One day in school Ria (Soni Razdan) and Kiran Kumar both meet as a single parent and then the relation start with a friendship ends up in love. They both had faced and seen problems with their past relationship. But their past experience helped them to make good bonding and understanding between them.

52-Episode Serial was very popular with urban society because of its bold storyline. Aur Phir Ek Din was nominated for the best serial for the Screen Videocon Awards and Kiran Kumar got the Mayor’s Award for Aur Phir Ek Din.