Hindi Tv Serial Aryamaan - Brahmaand Ka Yodha

Aryamaan - Brahmaand Ka Yodha Hindi Tv serials on Dd national

Aryamaan – Brahmaand Ka Yodha, was a science-fiction and superhero serial that was aired on DD National. The serial premiered on July 14, 2002, and was an attempt by the channel to create an iconic superhero like Superman or Batman. It was produced by Mukesh Khanna (Managing Director of the company Bheeshm International). Mukesh Khanna was famous for creating and starring in the first Indian superhero serial called ‘Shaktimaan’. Aryamaan held the record of the most expensive television serial for a short period of time.

The protagonist of the story was Aryamaan, who was the prince of the Thar Empire which occupied the Ariyanta Galaxy. When he was born, there was rain in the Galaxy after a long period of time, and this makes the people think of him as a blessing. Aryamaan’s stepmother, Nasa, is jealous of him and tries to kill him. She tries to place her own child, who is an inhuman mutant, on the throne. Aryamaan’s mother sends him away to a remote planet so that he can be safe from Nasa.

On the planet, called Gurukshetra, Aryamaan is taught princely skills, including battling skills, by the ancient master, the Hoshin. After mastering the skills of a warrior, Aryamaan is given unique armour which can only be opened using the prince’s palm expression. He then returns home to find his father and overthrow his mutated stepbrother from the kingship.

His stepmother Nasa has planned all this and has declared herself as the Royal Mother. Aryamaan then sets out in search of a powerful weapon called Chandrahaas, which he can use to win back his kingdom. The serial was meant to be ‘the Indian version of Star Wars’ but did not gain as much popularity as it was expected to.