Hindi Tv Serial Arts Plus

Arts Plus Hindi Tv serials on Star plus

Arts Plus was a lifestyle television serial that used to be broadcasted on Star Plus. It premiered on 14th February 1996 and concluded on 20th September 1996. The show was telecasted once a week and used to air for thirty minutes. It was directed by Mahesh Singh. The serial was originally slotted to have 20 episodes.

The serial was anchored by the actress Nandita Das Nandita Das is an actress and director extremely p >> Read More... Nandita Das , who was famous for her performance in Mara Nair’s film, ‘Fire’. The serial was about Indian culture and touched on all aspects of tradition. It focused on performing arts, fine arts and also showed biographies of legends of the time to the viewers. It also covered music, dance (of course classical and traditional), theatre, painting, literature, film, and many other sectors. The serial was a project that Nandita Das used to get some money when she was in between films.

The serial received good reviews and was praised for promoting traditional Indian culture, in contrast to some other serials of the times which were perceived to support modernization. The show was also praised since it was one of the pioneers of Indian television. It was one of the first serials to show concepts that were related to the arts.