Hindi Tv Serial Ardhangini

Ardhangini Hindi Tv serials on Zee tv

Ardhangini - Ek Khoobsurat Jeevan Saathi was a drama television serial that was aired on Zee TV. The serial premiered on 29th October, 2007 and concluded on 20th March, 2008. The serial ran for one season and had a total of 84 episodes, where each episode was approximately 30 minutes long. The serial was produced by Jay Mehta and Kinnari Mehta.

The serial revolves around Kangana Dasgupta/Bhattacharya, played by Sudeepa Singh. Kangana is an extremely beautiful girl, whose beauty is her curse. She is aware that she can have any man as her husband, but is looking for true love in life. Kangana’s family members, who feel envious of her, try to spoil her contentment, and this brings her no end of pain.

Kangana’s love interest is Priyam, her sweetheart from her childhood, who returns from America. Even though Kangana marries him, her beauty still causes some issues in their marriage. Priyam becomes insecure since Kangana is more successful than him in life. He also becomes paranoid and accuses her of engaging in affairs with other men. He goes so far as to raise his hand on her and gives her a scar that mars her beauty. In the last episode of the serial, Kangana commits suicide. Priyam also kills himself out of frustration.

The serial was forced to a sudden end because of the poor health of the lead actress, Sudeepa Singh, who got chickenpox. She was in such a bad state that she could not even stand.