Hindi Tv Serial Apni Khushian Apne Gham

Apni Khushian Apne Gham Hindi tv-serials on SAB TV

India is popularly known as unity in diversity. There is a different religion of people living together with the peace and prosperity. The life is uncertain; anything can happen at any point. During, the difficult phase we have our friend who helps us. The presence of friends in our life makes us happy, and it’s a solution for all of us our lives. The ApniKhushianApneGham is a Hindi TV serial. It is base on the story of friends. You will get four friends who share everything among themselves.

The uniqueness of this four friends is that all  belongs to different religion. Still, they are tightly bound with the bond of friendship. It gives a wonderful message to grow up and again tight our bond with the other people. We all are one, only the barrier of the religion is created by humans. Humanity is the best thing world. These entire things you will get in the ApniKhushianApneGham. The ApniKhushianApneGham means that joy and sorrow. It is well said that if you share happiness it gets double, and when you share your sorrow, it gets halved. The four friends of this serial work on this principle in their life. They share everything with each other.

You will get a Marathi, Muslim, Sikh, and Hindu religion of the friend. Every one of them has a problem in their life. Still, they are leaving the life in a happier way. In this, a Marathi friend who is at the age of 70 with his wife lives in a house. They had a son and, he was settled in the foreign country. The other Muslim friend has an interesting story. He marries with the wife of his dead friend. The challenge for his is that the son of his friend is not ready to consider him as a father. The name of another friend is Mohanlal who is a government employee, but now he did not have sufficient money to make a marriage of his daughters. The Sikh friend cannot marry by his choice. The serial depicts the problem of every human being’s life. On the other hand, it shows their way of dealing with the problem in a positive manner. It is broadcasted on the SAB TV. The drama of the serial was directed by Jitendra Kumar. The audience loved the concept of the script, and the combination of different tradition makes it worth to watch on the screen.