Hindi Tv Serial Anudamini

Anudamini Hindi Tv serials on Dd national

Anudamini is a serial which airs on DD national channel. The serial is directed by Gaurav Premsri. The leading character of this Indian story is Supriya Kumari (Bairi Piya fame) as Anudamini and Sachin Shroff as Dev. This story depends completely on a village girl with certain boundaries and sophistication, who gets married in Mumbai. The different lifestyle and the surroundings will be very critical for her, and she even manages to tackle her husband Dev and his family. Although she tries a lot to change her lifestyle like her husband, both physically and mentally, Dev doesn’t accept her.

Later on, Anudamini tries to be more devoted to her husband, but Dev will not be satisfied with anything that she is doing. He thinks that Anudamini is not a perfect match in his style, language, and ideas he is having. Due to these critics, Anudamini decides to look herself unique. So she starts a new Tiffin Service business and gives empowerment to the other women also. She succeeds in both her career and family as a good in-law. This show has stepped into its 250th episode with grand success and still continuing on its path from Monday to Friday at 2 PM.