Hindi Tv Serial Anmol Hai Tu - Nayi Soch Ko Salaam



Anmol Hai Tu- Nayi Soch KO Salaam was a Hindi language TV show. Star Plus took the initiative to celebrate the women power with this TV show. It was not a whole long TV series with many episodes, but it was a special episode on the Women’s day. The very talented and beautiful Film actress and model Huma Qureshi hosted Anmol Hai Tu- Nayi Soch Ko Salaam for Star Plus. It was a one hour and thirty minutes TV show. The show Anmol Hai Tu- Nayi Soch Ko Salaam telecasted on 8th March 2015 at 9 PM. The show came with the concept that Women stand for beauty, power, pride and they are the role model but is that really the truth. The leading ladies of various industries came forward for the show. Huma Qureshi came up with the stories of 5 women can also be called Superwomen because not only they fought all the odds to prove themselves and showed power but became an inspiration and role model for many. The famous actresses and the actors portrayed the stories of these women through short stories.

The background score of the episode was Maardani Anthem sung by none other than the powerhouse lady Sunidhi Chauhan. All the five women were awarded in a unique way. The TV starts dedicated their dance performances to those five Superwomen. The show started with the performance of Sanjeeda Sheikh in which she showed the difficulties the women has to face for the clothes she wears, for the decision she takes or for even giving birth to a girl child. She also showed how a woman could walk alone and fights all the odds in her path. The first story of the episode was dictated by Rithvik Dhanjani. This story was about Sindhu Tai. When she was pregnant and, about to deliver her child, her husband threw her out of their house. But no, she didn’t give up and gave birth to her child on her own that too with a sharp stone. Shocked? But more than this her next decision was shocking she decided to commit suicide. She went to a railway track where she saw a tree and she saw that although that tree is completely dead but yet stands.

She got the strength and decided to raise her child. Not only, this but she adopted every child she found whom their parents abandoned. The story doesn’t end here as one day Sindhu tai found that her level of affection is more towards her own child than the other, and that day she got her own child admitted to an orphanage. She wanted to focus on every child she has adopted and only a woman can take such a brave step. Now Sindhu tai has 1400 children and an association called Sanmati Baal Niketan. She had a time when she used to beg on the roads and look for home and then she found those who need food and home. Star Plus also invited her daughter Mamta. Huma gave her the trophy of Anmol Hai Tu- Nayi Soch Ko Salaam Sargun Mehta gave the second performance. It was a-power packed performance that showed the power and strength women have. Mouni Roy narrated the next story. It was a story of a 9 month pregnant woman whose husband tortured her beyond imagination.

The story was about Flavia Agnes, she already had a son and, daughter and her husband threw red chili powder in her eyes when she was 9 months pregnant, had started her labor pain and also got asthma attack. She took the most important decision of her life and decided to study law and got herself a law degree. Not only she got herself out of that hell, but also helped more than 50000 women with legal aid. Huma awarded Flavia with Anmol Hai Tu- Nayi Soch Ko Salaam award. She urged women to take a step ahead. Puneet gave the third performance on the girl child and strength a woman can bring to herself, her place and, nation. Sargun Mehta narrated the third story. The third story was of a village where people celebrated the birth of a girl child. But the reason of celebration birth is more than shocking because when that girl grows up, she is sold by her parents to any man for money. The story is of Chandralekha who was brought up with love and then was sold by her parents. She had the most brutal night life of her life when her parents sold her to a rich man. She also gave birth to three sons and one daughter, and she decided not to put her daughter in such mess. So she decided to educate the women of her village where she received a huge amount of protest against her. She taught more than 200 girls the importance of education and few skills that can make them employable like stitching.

She was also awarded with Anmol Hai Tu- Nayi Soch Ko Salaam. Shakti Mohan gave the next power packed performance. She also celebrated the women power through her performance. Shakti narrated the next story. The story was of Kousalya Periasamy and, she got married when she didn’t even know the meaning of marriage. Her parents got her married to a man who was suffering from an HIV disease about which she didn’t know at all. Her husband committed suicide one day. Her mother-in-law and the society, whereas blamed her. She had also got HIV positive due to this and society rejected her at every step. After a major breakdown, she stood up and started an association called Positive Women Network. She started a mission to give the HIV positive women, their status and rights in the society. She was awarded with Anmol Hai Tu- Nayi Soch Ko Salaam award. Rithvik Dhanjani gave the next performance to celebrate the Women’s day. The next story was narrated by Shamta. The story was of Razia, who was associated with football, but she didn’t play them, but used to make footballs for earning. She was a school going girl. Their owner for whom they used to work used to provide them with unhygienic food and the conditions of working. She went to protest against this; she also went to Nepal to save the girls who are brought into India for sex slavery. She did a Bachpan Bachao Andolan for 13 days where they were even attacked. This didn’t stop and still now is fighting to save and protect the childhood of such girls. Razia Sultana was awarded with Anmol Hai Tu- Nayi Soch Ko Salaam award. The show made a huge impact, inspired many and came to an end with a beautiful performance by Mouni Roy and Sanjeeda.