Hindi Tv Serial Ankhiyon Ke Jharokhon Se

Ankhiyon Ke Jharonkhon Se Hindi Tv serials on Star plus
Ankhyion Ke Jharokhon Se literally translated means with the glance of an eye. The serial launched in 1998 on Star Plus channel was a bit different from the Saas-Bahu serials crowding the small screens. This weekly serial aired every week on Tuesday was directed by Manish Ratnani. The serial revolved around the lives of Mahesh and Mukti. Mahesh, a spoilt brat, studying in the best college of the city, thought him to be the king of the world and could never ever bear any loss or failure in anything. The twist in the story came when he had to bear with the second place in college examination due to the newcomer Mukti. Mukti was a very down to earth and a simple girl belonging to a very middle class family and could never even think about Mahesh. This failure hurt Mahesh’s ego and he pledged to revenge this failure by hurting Mukti. He used to publically insult her in college by playing cheap pranks and harassed her mentally. But he was not even a bit aware that he was slowly being taken by the beauty of Mukti. He realized this, the day Mukti left college due to his pranks and went to ask for her forgiveness. The story took new turn when he expresses his love for her but the families oppose their relation due to the difference in their financial status. How they both eventually got together made the exciting and interesting plot of the show.