Hindi Tv Serial Ank Ajube

Ank Ajube Hindi tv-serials on DD NATIONAL

As the name suggests, Ank Ajube was the first serial entirely based on Mathematics. The target audience of the show was kids. Mathematics is commonly treated as the most feared subject so the show focused on making it more fun to learn. The show was telecasted in 1987 and hosted by Benjamin Gilani Benjamin Gilani born on November 20, 1946, is a ve >> Read More... and Neena Kulkarni Neena  Kulkarni is a Marathi stage actress who has >> Read More... . The show came way before other popular shows based on knowledge like ‘Snakes and Ladders’ on Zee and ‘ Bournvita Quiz Contest The Longest Running Quiz competition in the Indian >> Read More... ’ on Zee as well which was hosted by quizmaster Derik O’brian. It featured an interactive discussion between kids and the hosts. There was a Third Umpire too called Shunya, means Zero. Shunya was a computer with a robotic voice and a lot of LED lights. It verified the answers given for the questions asked.