Hindi Tv Serial Anandi Gopal

Today, women have found a niche for themselves in all fields. Our country itself has had its share of women achievers. However, a long time ago, this was not the case. In fact, the women in those times had to fight for even the fundamental rights that we the female folks enjoy today. They had to face criticism and taunts. Despite the difficulties, they succeeded. When we think of women fighters names like Savitri Bai Phule and Rani Laxmi Bai comes to our mind. But there was another great lady named Anandi Gopal Joshi, who became an inspiration for women.

Anandi Gopal is the serial that chronicles the life and struggles of this remarkable female. She was the first ever women who completed her M. D. in modern science from America. Born in Kalyan to wealthy parents, Yamuna was a young, chirpy girl. Eventually, her family lost their riches. Her family was very conservative and got her married to a man who was almost twice her age and had a wife who is now deceased. He worked as a clerk for a living. However, unlike most of the men of his age, he believed in women's rights and was broad-minded.

It was he who rechristened her to Anandi. In those times, when people emphasize learning Sanskrit, he thought that learning English would reap more benefits. After Anandi gave birth to her child, the baby didn't survive due to lack of medicines. This prompted her to study medicine, an endeavor in which her husband supported her wholeheartedly. Both of them had to endure several obstacles to ensure that Anandi could go to America for higher studies. Her fragile health was also one of those hurdles.

Some Christian people were willing to help her but only if she would take up Christianity. She politely declined their offer. Eventually, women named Theodicia Carpenter, and Mr. and Mrs. Thorborn came to her aid. Though initially, her community criticized her, eventually they began to appreciate her achievements. In her entire journey, her husband stood by her through thick and thin. The show-makers managed to capture all these elements in an engaging manner. She was the first lady of the country to step into a foreign land for studies.

The climate of America didn't suit her, and she became a patient of tuberculosis. At the ripe age of twenty-two, she took her last breath. Doordarshan Channel telecasted this show. Kamlakar Sarang was the director. This serial managed to strike a chord with the audience and had a successful run.