Hindi Tv Serial Amrit Manthan

Amrit Manthan Hindi Tv serials on Life ok

Amrit Manthan is an epic and strange story which is aired on Life OK channel in Hindi. The serial was shot in Mumbai and Amristar. The number of episodes of this serial is 405. This serial started airing from 26 February 2012 to 2 August 2013. It’s all about two sisters Amrit and Nimrit. These two leading roles are played by Adaa Khan and Dimple Jhangiani respectively. The two sister’s family were rich in wealth and ruling for generations and Amrit is the resemblance of her grandmother Rajmata. Amrit always thought that it’s a chance to rescue the respect being lost by the family. But Nimrit was all over against her sister and always have her in the heart.

Later on, Amrit had a chance to choose whether Adhiraj or Tej to marry. But seeing the wealth, Amrit decided to marry Adhiraj. Later, she comes to know that he is already married to Simran, but Amrit and her grandmother hides this and plans for marriage. But on the marriage day, Simran comes and explains the truth to Nimrit, and she calls off the marriage. This makes Amrit anger on her sister. After that, Amrit gets a chance to marry Tej’s cousin Agam, and she decides in the past to marry because of Agam’s wealth, but finally, Agam gets married with Nimrit, and they love each other.

Like this, the show went on, and in one situation Amrit becomes the enemy and plan to kill Nimrit. Nimrit meets with an accident and after some days she goes on operations which change her face, and she becomes Natasha, who is a rich men’s daughter, who rescues Nimrit from the accident and loses her child some months before. The shock is that Amrit and Agam were living happily together when Nimrit returned. Like this it goes for several more years and finally, Nimrit gets married to Karan, and the show ends like Nimrit is pregnant which makes everyone happy.