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Amma Hindi Hindi TV SERIALS on ZEE TV

Amma is an Indian television series. The story is about the life and journey of a woman called Zeenat who is a single mother, abandoned by her husband during such a time which is counted to be one of the worst phases in the history of India i.e the Partition. The show talks about her courage and her strength of character. The way she rises to power and creates a name and image for herself in spite of the absence of her husband and also during such a time, is what the serial is about. All what she does, it is entirely on the basis of her strong spirit.

Zeenat rises at such a time when she was preyed upon the basis of her faith. She did not have any freedom and no security even to the most basic level. At such a time, she had only two things to do. Either could she let the society and the circumstances subdue her and make her even weak or she could rise out of all of it and revolt. Zeenat chooses the second option. As a result, she arises as someone to reckon with for years to continue. The way she deals with all the adversities that come on her path, the way she handles everything and makes a place for herself and portrays her image as that of power, makes her a role-model to the rest of the women.

Amma, as the very name indicates mother, show the life and struggles of this woman who becomes a Godmother for others. The story is based on the life of Jenabai Daaruwali of the Mumbai underworld where she was a very influential personality. Amma is the story of this female Don through decades after her husband has deserted her. She gets into activities that are illegal and also meets people like Dawood Ibrahim and Hajj Mastan. The show also sees the love story of Amma’s daughter Rehana and one her men Faisal as they go through trouble to get accepted and also that of Rehana’s sister Saraswati and her friend which forms the story after the leap.

The show has allotted the characters fictional names. Farhn P. Zamma is the creator of the show which began on 25Th June 2016 on the channel Zee TV. The lead role of Zeenat is played by Shabana Azmi whereas the younger part of the role was by Urvashi Sharma. It airs from Saturday to Sunday at 10 pm.