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Aladdin Hindi Tv serials on Zee tv

Aladdin - Jaanbaaz Ek Jalwe Anek brings to you the beloved story of the young boy Aladdin and how finding an all-powerful genie inside a magic lamp changes his life. They subsequently embark on many adventures together. Based on the story of Aladdin from the children’s book Arabian Nights, the show was produced by Applause Entertainment and aired on Zee TV from 16th November 2007 to 21st March 2009. It generated mostly positive reviews with the viewers, both kids, and teenagers, enjoying the show.

The show was unique because of its use of computer generated graphics, which was an uncommon phenomenon in regular Hindi entertainment channels. The show was also known for following a transcript in two languages namely Hindi and Urdu. The story is about a young 15-year-old boy, Aladdin, who is an orphan. He faces a life filled with hardships and many difficulties. He lives with his aunt and uncle but does not find any love or affection from them, instead being mistreated and was treated like a servant.

The story also follows Jafar, an evil magician, who wants to get his hands on a magic lamp buried in an unknown cave of wonders. But to his anguish, he cannot get it since only a person whose soul is as pure as an uncut diamond will be able to lay his hands on the lamp. That diamond is Aladdin, who is also the son of the magicians Zoya and Zahir, whom Jafar had killed. Aladdin also falls in love with Princess Jasmin, who is the daughter of Sultan of Zarniabad. Jasmin helps Aladdin on his many adventures with her companion Noorie by her side. Aladdin is also assisted by his friend Junaid to acquire the lamp so that they can go on to defeat the evil Jafar. All the Aladdin - Jaanbaaz Ek Jalwe Anek episodes are immensely popular with the Indian children till date.

The Aladdin - Jaanbaaz Ek Jalwe Anek includes Mandar Jadhav acting as Aladdin. Mandar Jadhav acted as Aladdin. Mandar Jadhav is an actor from Mumbai and a popular star who had played multiple famous characters on Indian television like Sambhaji Raje. He comes from a family of professional actors. Subhash Jadhav, his father, is a renowned actor/director of many TV shows in the 1980s and 1990s. His brother, Meghan Jadhav, has played the role of Lord Krishna in Jai Shri Krishna and gained popularity from thereon.

Nazea Sayed played as Jasmine. Nazea Hasan Sayed is a famous actress who has been a part of many sitcoms as well as seen in Bollywood movies such as ‘Once Upon A Time In Mumbai Dobaara’. She is also well known for her performance in shows such as Vrishali, Karna’s wife in Star Plus's mythological show Mahabharat, Colors’ Phulwa and Zee TV's Punar Vivah- Ek Nayi Umeed.