Hindi Tv Serial Ajee Sunte Ho

Ajee Sunte Ho Hindi TV SERIALS on ZEE TV

Compatibility! Isn’t that what survives a relationship in the first place? The fundamentals of any relationship; trust, honesty and compatibility are the three mantras of having the most smooth and happy relationship. A thought such as this one, when put to practice, makes one feel even more elated and fulfilled, agreed? Retaining this thought, a reality television show themed on marriage ‘Ajee Sunte Ho’ was produced by Shashi Mittal and Sumeet Mittal and saw its first premiere on 14 November 2016. The show was premiered on Zee TV and was conducted by Pranauti Pradhan and Satish Sharma. It welcomes couples from all over the country to participate and makes them play some games which test their synchrony with one another, how well they know their spouse, among other things.

The hosts indulge in a highly interactive session with the couples, as they ask them about how they met, whether it was a love or an arranged marriage and the basics of who has what responsibilities in the wedlock. Although the games might be very simple, yet they can demand all the energy one has! The show is staged on a beautiful set, with the ambiance of a typical home. The interaction between the couples and hosts is rather delightful! They interview them on their likes, dislikes, peculiar habits of one another, to say the least. The games may differ as per the episodes. Each episode has two couples, and so, fills in the house with them competing against one another to finish off the task assigned to them in the game earlier than the other couple.

The show also has couples of different age groups participating and going head to head with one another as the games session kicks in. As it is telecasted on weekday nights, it proves to be an entertaining show for couples to watch together as they kick back and relax after a long day at work. Since it is a reality television show, it seems to connect with the audience very well and caters well to the masses, as the couples unfold excerpts of their lives’; it gives the show a rather earnest touch. How innovative and creative the show gets with each episode is indeed attractive to the masses, to see what new game will be part of the games session or what questions will be part of the interviews, is in fact quite luring to the audience.