Hindi Tv Serial Airlines

Airlines Hindi Tv serials on Star plus

The story revolves around the girl Ananya Rawat, the pilot (First Officer) and Akash, an officer from the Central Bureau. Airlines is a serial about the girl who is passionate about her dream to become a pilot. It is a new age love story, has a family drama and the life story of the people engaged in aviation. This story is totally of the threats, and thrills and danger associated with the people of the Aviation industry. In this, the story revolves around the girl named Ananya Rawat who is a middle-class girl, ambitious about to excel in her career and become a pilot. She belongs to the modern world, but she gives her high principles to the tradition of India. And her relationship is with Akash, who is the officer from the intelligence bureau.

He always flirted with the cabin crew member Natasha. He was a a talented and daring officer in airlines. Hel fell in love with Ananya Rawat and helped her in the mysteries and threats. So we saw their relationship blooming in the serial Airlines. In this story firstly it starts with a crisis in the cockpit and the Captain suffers from severe heart attack. How will Ananya help the people in the flight and how she will prove her mettle in the men dominated world of airlines we will see that in the 1st episode.

Will the people trust Ananya as the pilot? In the episode we will see the bomb alert in the flight and how they help the people in the flight We will see how Akash will save Ananya’s life, we will also see how Akash gets injected with poison and how Ananya helps Akash and how she will get the clean chit, and how a woman delivers a baby in the flight and the people were held hostage in the airport.We would get to know how Ananya will help the people with her presence of mind. We will see all the interesting stories in the serial Airlines. And next there was a terrorist attack on the flight then Akash and Ananya help the people to survive their life They will fight with the terrorist, and there we can see the romance and feelings of Akash and Ananya.