Hindi Tv Serial Agnifera

Agnifera, which means taking rounds around the fire in English, is an entertaining family drama that is currently running on the &TV Channel. Ravi Raj and Roshan Lal Kamboj are the creators. Rajesh Singh, TaraknathMorya, and Amit Jha are the writers. Known for directing several shows like WohRehneWaaliMehlon Ki, Swaragini, and much more, Ravi Raj is the director and the producer. Roshan Lal Kamboj is also financing the serial along with Ravi Raj. Aakash Berry is responsible for the creative aspects of the show.

Lalit Sen is the music composer. Danny is the cinematographer. R & R Creation is backing the project. What was tohappen if an eligible boy gets a proposal from two girls who are different as chalk and cheese? Too much confusion and fun, right? The scenario of this storyline circulate around a juvenile NRI engineer named Anurag Singh, who has completed hisMBA from a prestigious Institute of London. He is returning to his village in Bihar to get married. Upon his return, he bumps into a girl named Ragini, who is the daughter of the most influential thug in the vicinity.

She is a ruffian herself. She abuses and throws her power everywhere. Even though Anurag is scolding her for disrupting and creating a commotion in their first meeting, Raginifalls in love with him. On the other hand, his old classmate Srishti, who is currently studying law in a college and fiercely believes in justice and solving matters after listening to them, happens to see his photo and is surprised to see him as a grown up man. She also starts to like him. Anurag's mother wants him to get married to Ragini since she belongs to the powerful household and would bring a ton of dowry with her.

Anurag's father likes Srishti and thinks she would make a perfect daughter-in-law. Ragini's begetter wants her to dominate the in-laws, while Srishti's patriarch wants her to understand and take care of everyone. Both the girls and their families try their best to woo the guy. Who will Anurag choose? Will his parents accept his choice? And what will happen to the one he declined? Switch to &TV Channel at half past eight in the evening, every Monday to Friday to know more. Ankit Gera plays Anurag Singh.

Yukti Kapoor and Simran Kaur essay Ragini Singh and Srishti respectively. The channel shifted the show Queens Hai Hum to accommodate this one. It first premiered on March 20, 2017, and had since been performing moderately well regarding TRPs.