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Agadam Bagdam Tigdam Hindi Tv serials on Disney tv

‘Agadam Bagdam Tigdam’ is a children's comedy series which is a copy or say remake of a British Show ‘My Parents Are Aliens.' The show was aired on May 18, 2007 and ended on November 9, 2007, on Disney Channel. It contained 26 episodes in the first season. Disney Channel India produced the series. The plot of the series revolved around Malhotra family who come from another planet called ‘Zoltar’ and they all look or behave like aliens on planet earth.

They have brought some gadgets from planet ‘Zoltar’ but those gadgets cause a problem for them. Neighbours and other relatives create trouble for Malhotra. Will Malhotra’s gadget secrets get exposed? Now there is a girl who always helps Malhotra. This teenage girl is Soniya Malhotra played by TV actress Benazir Shaikh Benazir Shaikh is an Indian Film Actress. She work >> Read More... , who is the daughter of the Malhotra family. She helps out Malhotra and saves him from all his problems. Also, there is a character of the 10-year old son in Malhotra's family. He wants to reveal the secret of gadgets to others.

Sunny's role is played by Parth Muni Parth Muni is an Indian TV actor known for his rol >> Read More... (child actor). The head of the Malhotra family is Deepak Malhotra Bio coming soon... >> Read More... played by Kiku Sharda Kiku Sharda is a talented actor, comedian and, als >> Read More... . In the serial some call him as Tingaru, and he is a chef. He loves his wife Priya Malhotra (Soniya Rakkar), whose name is Pingaru. She loves her child Sunny Malhotra a lot. Veteran actor Dilip Joshi Dilip Joshi, who is a film cum television actor wa >> Read More... played the role of Uncle Tappu, and he steals the show in every frame through his comedy. He also knows many secrets of Malhotra's family. Also, there is a neighbour who always doubts Malhotra for his weird behaviour.

The neighbour role is essayed by Rosie and her husband Bobby. Rosie is suspicious of the Malhotra family and knew that something is not definitely right with their family. Bobby is the friend of Deepak Malhotra. ' Guddi Maruti Guddi Maruthi or Guddi Maruti or Guddi or Guddu >> Read More... ' plays Rosie's character, and Bobby’s character is narrated by Rajesh Jais Rajesh Jais is originally a theatre actor with a p >> Read More... . There is Sunny’s class teacher who is always upset with Sunny’s pranks and mischievousness in school, and the teacher role is played Kurush Deboo Kurush Deboo is a famous Indian actor and is popul >> Read More... .