Hindi Tv Serial Adaalat 2

Adaalat 2  Hindi TV SERIALS on SONY Pal

Adaalat is a Hindi language TV drama show. The season 2 of Adaalat is telecast by one of the biggest TV channels in the entertainment industry known as Sony TV Channel. The season 2 came in the year 2016 on June 4 and ended on 4th September 2016. Adaalat 2 is a TV series based on the drama inside a courtroom. The TV show has Ronit Roy as its protagonist who plays the famous advocate KD Patahak. KD Pathak is extremely famous as he has never lost in any case and, is known for his quality of winning. The season 2 also had KD Pathak’s associate Adhira Sharma portrayed by Tithi Raaj. Other characters of the season 2 were Inspector R S Rathore done by Pankaj B Singh and Public Prosecutor character of Vishwajeet Ranawat by Gaurav Chopra. Rakshanda also did public prosecutor as Pratigya Verma. Shikha Rajpu and, Kishwer Merchant are also part of the cast.

Adaalat 2 runs for one hour per episode. Two episodes deal with one case. First episode was about suicide or murder. In the episode Rinku who is in love with Viren thinks that he is cheating on her and commits suicide which is then solved by KD Pathak. This case turns out to be a murder and, not a suicide. Another episode is on Jhanvi’s case of murder. Third case was about Abhi who was a little child and gets murdered. The show also had episodes where supernatural things were proved fake and man-created by the lawyer. There was a case of a doctor who discovered an old preserved mummy. He made this discovery in his Egyptian expedition. The doctor, Dr Sen got killed by this mummy but case turns out different in the end. There were cases of murder, molestation, crimes, corruption, property issue crimes, crimes in career and, many other cases.

The TV show had a huge debate in the court room in each episode. KD Pathak used pure Hindi language in this TV show. He developed a different kind of diction. The opposing advocates would change from time to time. There were also fun moments that KD Pathak shared with his assistants and opposing advocates. In the end KD Pathak would bring all the documents to the court room and make the culprit say its crime. He would also cross any limit to find his evidences and would not even worry about putting his life on line. The TV show went off air with a total of 2 episodes. This TV show is one of the best legal drama and one of the best TV shows made by the Sony Television. The show has all the twists, fun, entertainment and, intriguing moments that bind the audiences to it. The TV actors and TV show have received all praises, nominations and, awards for it.