Hindi Tv Serial Achanak 37 Saal Baad

Achanak 37 Saal Baad was a horror show which got telecasted on Sony Network. It was a horror show that revolved around a town called ‘Gahota.' The town experiences paranormal activities after 37 years witnessing deaths, murders, and kidnappings. The story of every episode concluded with the birth of a devil child. It was telecast in the year 2002 -2003. Actor Om Puri gave voice in a background to provide narration for this television series. The serial did not pick up well with the audience then, despite the fact that it had a unique concept of storytelling. It was a weekly one-hour episode format.

The serial aired every Monday from 10 pm to 11 pm. The new season contained several mini-series. Every story took three or four episodes to get completed. After that, another story with same central character but a different plot appeared. Rahil Azam played the role of a negative character in this serial as Rahul / Ajinkya and gained popularity in TV screen. While another actor Faraaz Khan played the role of devil child’s mentor and gained instant recognition in the viewer’s mind after this serial.

It may be noted that the role of Ajaya and Ajinkya remained as the central character in this serial. Actor Om Puri tells nobody comes to the ‘Gahota’ village as part of his narration. Hence, why nobody comes in the village remains a total mystery? Viewers wanted to know more about murder and mystery in this serial. Achanak 37 Saal Baad was although not most watched serial; it gained better TRP ratings slowly. In those days, people were not used seeing horror serials on television.

Another version of this serial...

Achanak 37 Saal Baad is produced by Fireworks Production and was telecasted in Sony TV. This serial is the under the top six horror serial of the 90’s. The number of episodes of the serial is 197. This horror story depends on the struggle of the evil and the good things of the town. The usual horror story with some more efficiency and screenplay makes the success of the story. The evil things are being shrunken by the good things to avoid the town being destroyed.

The main character of the serial is Ajinkya, which starts its platform on Gahota to destroy all the people around it. The second important role of this serial is Ajay, who defeated the bad evil from destroying others. Even though he saved a number of lives, many good men were killed by the evil, and many struggled in the battle. The twist of the story is that when Ajinkya was destroyed after caught in an enchanted mirror. Ajay also have to die. After some time, Ajay comes back to his normal life but have the fear that evil will also return as he came back. His fear becomes true, and many people die.

Later on, he came to know that Ajinkya is only physically dead, and her soul is still giving struggles, and the story goes on to control the evil from doing bad things and to attain its goal.