Hindi Tv Serial Aathvaan Vachan

Aathvaan Vachan Hindi Tv serials on Sony entertainment

Aathvaan Vachan – Saath Vachano Se Badkar was an Indian television series, broadcasted every Monday to Thursday at 9 PM on Sony Entertainment Television India. The series was premiered on September 1, 2008 and ended on May 21, 2009, under the production of Rose Audio Visuals and Shrishti Arya.

Aatvaan Vachan is a story that depicts the life of Manali (played by Mouli Ganguly), a young woman with a mentally challenged sister named, Urmi (played by Vinny Arora). It is also a poignant but an uplifting story about Urmi along with all the trials that she faces in her life. Urmi is a cheerful, innocent, lively and a curious 18-year old lady, but her mental ability is only for an eight year old little girl. She is also a problem child who made her parents very apprehensive to her condition. She is a grievance to her brother and a threat to everyone, except for Manali. The sisters shared a very special bond, a bond that stopped Manali in pursuing her career and reject marriage proposals. She always prioritizes Urmi and took care of all her everyday needs.

In the Indian society, a conventional Hindu marriage comprises of seven vows, it is not just about marrying a person but also her entire family. The story took a different twist after Manali got married to Aadesh (played by Vishal Singh) who made a promise that he will accept and take care of Urmi as his Aathvan Vachan or the 8th vow. Urmi’s life remains the same even after her sister’s marriage. It is still full of fun and excitement. But fate has something in store for her as Manali dies in an accident and Aadesh was the one who takes charge of Urmi, as promised.

The story later shows how Aadesh tries his best to do everything for Urmi. They became friends until Urmi goes to school. She also shows progress in her behavior and acts like a normal fine lady. She does a makeover and her childish behavior will be gone. But Urmi becomes possessive on Aadesh and starts disliking his other friends. Many twists happen along the way with the entry of new characters, including Vikrant who proposes Urmi for marriage. During this time, Urmi was kind of confused regarding her feelings for her brother-in-law as she felt something special for him. Aadesh believes that Urmi will never agree on marrying Vikrant but Urmi decided to get married. Aadesh was shocked to hear the news, but the entire family was happy for Urmi’s decision. The truth is Urmi was unhappy with her decision because deep inside her, she knows that she is only marrying Vikrant to make everyone happy. Aadesh is about to get married to Sneha (played by Pallavi Subhash) too. But Aadesh could no longer resist his true feelings for Urmi and let her know what he really feels for her. Urmi also admits that she feels the same for Aadesh. In the end, Aadesh and Urmi get married and everyone will be happy for them.