Hindi Tv Serial Aap Toh Aise Naa The

Aap Toh Aise Naa The Hindi Tv serials on Sony entertainment

Aap Toh Aise Naa The is an Indian drama serial which falls under romance category. This show was planned to telecast on Sony TV channel. Rashmi Sharma is said to be the producer of this serial, and this show is directed by Dilip Kumar and Pawan Kumar. Kinshuk Mahajan the well-known serial com movie actor who has made his footprints in Sasural Simar Ka, Desh Ki Beti Nandini, and so many other serials is going to play the lead role in Aap Toh Aise Naa The as a Jaipur boy. The lead female actor was none other than our cute angel Shefali Sharma in and as Riya Agarwal.

Indira Krishnan, Sanjay Gandhi, Minakshi Verma, Namrata Thapa and so many others were there to add glitter to the show. Later the show was named as Tum Aise Hi Rehna and was aired on November. The story mainly revolves around Shefali and Kinshuk as a married couple. This show is to prove that there is a life after every love story; they don't end with the pair being walking together on a shore. The life after marriage is not a bed of roses. Rashmi tried to portray the difficulties and changes in her life after the marriage, how it affects the life of an individual.

This show telecast how Riya, a middle-class girl cope up with the high-class contemporary lifestyle of her beloved husband, Abhimanyu. The difficulties and hurdles she faced from her in-laws. The show is about how she manages to adjust with her new family members and how she proves her worth and strengthens her relationship with others. The show is not just any story but her bittersweet life after a love marriage. Will Abhimanyu able to love her madly even after their marriage or will he change his preference?

How will Riya act when she find out about the crazy school friend who loved him to the extent that she committed suicide only to return as a ghost and torched her for her lifetime. This show had a grand welcome from the audience when it is on air Sony, November 2014. Madhura Naik plays the role of the obsessive ghost lover Aanchal. Shefali did a great performance as Riya with her expressive body language. But due to the lower TRP ratings, the show was stopped on 2015. It had almost made 96 episodes before it was taken down.