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Aaina Dulhan Ka’ was telecasted on 10th November 2014 on the Zindagi channel and the show ended its run on December 13th, 2014. Due to its popularity and public demand, the show was re-telecasted from 8th May, 2015 onwards at 6 pm again. Basically, it is a 30-epsiode Urdu drama that was telecasted under the title of ‘Mirat-ul-Uroos’ and broadcasted on Geo TV from 4th December, 2012 to 6th June, 2013. It is the tale of two families. The story takes off with a central cast of two grandmothers and how their grand-daughters and grand-sons get attracted to each other and they finally reunite the whole family. The female protagonists in this drama are the two grandmothers. One of them is Akbari (played by Ayesha Khan Sr.) and the other is Asghari (played by Samina Ahmad Samina is a Pakistani actress, director, producer, >> Read More... ). Akbari’s first granddaughter is Aiza (played by Aamina Sheikh Aamina Sheikh opened her eyes in this infinite wor >> Read More... ), who is bit arrogant and raised with a lot of love and care while her sister Aima (played by Mehwish Hayat Mehwish Hayat is a Pakistani actress, model and si >> Read More... ) is just the opposite to her in nature and attitude.

On the other hand, Asghari has two grandsons. One is Hammad (played by Mikaal Zulfiqar Mikaal Zulfiqar is a British Pakistani model and a >> Read More... ) and the other one is Haashim (played by Ahsan Khan Ahsan Khan is a Pakistani actor born on 9th Octobe >> Read More... ). The two grandsons of Asghari fall in love with the two granddaughters of Akbari. Hammad marries Aiza while Haashim marries Aima. Aiza shows her arrogant nature to Hammad and thus Hammad has an extra-marital affair. Hence, Aiza leaves her husband and goes back to her grandmother. Later, however, Hammad and Aiza reunite and the two families end up living happily together.