Hindi Tv Serial 3G Teen Gaane Back 2 Back

3G Teen Gaane Back 2 Back Hindi tv-serials on YouTube Channel

Sony Mix show launched on 1st September 2011 by a subsidiary of Sony Pictures Entertainment, Multi Screen Media. It is a Hindi music channel where the songs of all the genres played according to the demand. The motive of launching the channel was to change the game set up by the other competitors like MTV and Channel V.

The content played on these channels centres around the thinking and the taste of the youth. On the other hand, Sony Mix attempts to reach out to all the age groups. The early morning features melodies followed by little-hearted songs in the afternoon, then the latest and the energy-packed songs in the evening, and then the retro hits to end the day.

The segment 3G songs back to back means the songs are going to play at a 3G shuffle spend and would not get any interruptions of the advertisements as we know how annoying they are.

A large part of the content dedicated to the age group of 24-44 years. Now to break the monotony the show doesn’t play the songs all the time, it also gets the audience an insight of how the songs prepared and the anecdote related to them, so the songs get a motive attached to it and make more sense.

On the Sundays segment of Mix, Musicians does exactly like this, spilling details by the music directors, singers, and lyricists. Then another dedicated part for lyricists named ‘Yun Bana’ where famous Lyricist Swanand Kirkire guides the aspiring writers or song lyricists as he shares the thought process for building songs.

Apart from this, the show filled with little facts after some time about the music. The channel has already broken the average songs played per month of 250 by 750. It is 50 songs more which is thrice the amount we used to get. The channel continued with the short format shows and launched a couple of more as there is a lot of music in our industry which cannot go unnoticed. This include shows like Mix ‘Tippani,’ ‘ Surili Subah,’ ‘ Mix Adda,’ ‘ Raina Beeti Jaye,’ ‘ Mix Solos,’ and ‘Mix Voices.’

The show is ideal for places where people gather to chill or to take some interest in the music in that case. The hosts play a minor part of the show as not much role needed to direct the viewer. The playlist present on the side of the screen designates the whole process by showing the song being played, and the next which are going to.