Hindi Tv Serial 2612 is a thrilling story

2612 is a thrilling story Hindi Tv serials on Life ok

2612 is a fantasy, suspense-thriller television series from Life OK. The first season of the show was premiered on November 26, 2012 and ended on March 24, 2013 under the direction of Siddharth Sengupta. It aired from Monday to Friday at 9:00 P.M.

The show is all about the preparation of a terror scheme and it revolves around two main characters, Shahana Rasin Malik (played by Shikha Singh), a strong and determined woman whose goal is to make the planning of 2612 a success and Rashmi Raju Bhargava (played by Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar), a kindergarden teacher who unintentionally gets drawn in the said conspiracy. Randeep Rathore (played by Maninder Singh), an agent of the special task force helps Rashmi in her journey as she attempts to stop the 2612 scheme.

The series started with the Lion King’s clips. Jadda and Malik were attempting to run away, but, the latter leaves Jadda to die. The story will then move to November 2012 as Malik is preparing for an attack in India. He will meet his sponsors, but coincidentally, one of the sponsors sends a man to escort him and it turns out to be Jadda. The two will have a confrontation, but in the end, Malik will accept Jadda to be part of his team.

Meanwhile in Mumbai, the Bhargava household has a wedding to attend. Raju Bhargava (played by Raju Kher), the head of the family has two daughters and one son. The eldest daughter is Ritika (played by Aparajita Bajaj), the wife of the Scientist based in London, Shantanu Sardesai (played by Sameer Sharma). Ritika was furious with her husband for not attending weddings or any events so she demanded a divorce. Raju’s son, Rakesh was married to Malti (played by Aditi Malik) and their son is Mithoo (played by Pratham Shah). The youngest is Rashmi, the girlfriend of Nishant (played by Alan Kapoor). The whole family is being watched by the surveillance team. Ritika leaves for London and Rashmi drives for her; but when Rashmi stopped to get an ice-cream, Ritika was kidnapped and she was replaced by Meher (also played by Aparajita Bajaj) who looks exactly like her. In London, Ritika who is now Meher meets Shantanu and they get patched up. Ritika’s daughter, Suchi (played by Drisha Kalyani) was abducted by Malik. When Malik asked for a ransom, Ritika as Meher eagerly blackmails Shantanu to comply.

Malik bids goodbye to Shahana, his pregnant wife as he left for India. But behind his back, Jadda alerted the Mumbai police. When they landed in Mumbai, Jadda planted a gun on Malik so when the police discovered the gun, Malik was alarmed and attacked the police. During this time, Randeep shoots him and at the same time, her wife, Shahana gave birth to her daughter. When she finds out about Malik, she took over with the mission and flew to Mumbai with Jadda.Shantanu, along with his team made a new atomic bomb which they called, the Nova 6. It is similar to a battery cell which is undetectable in airport scans. Shahana asked Shantanu to take it and the detonator and submit the detailed plan to him. He is reluctant at first, but Meher (as Ritika) attempts to commit suicide so he followed what Shahana wants and took the 312 bombs with its detonator and flew to Mumbai with it. On Sahana’s orders, he hides it in the locker 2612 in the bus stop. The detonator was inserted in the pendant and he brings it to the Pritamdas Jewellers, owned by a friend of Shahana.

Meantime, Nishant made a proposal to Rashmi and gave her a necklace. Their parents meet to talk about the date of their marriage. But when the mother of Nishant asked about the dowry, Rashmi got angry and asked them to leave. Rashmi’s parents were dismayed and try to cheer her up by giving her a pendant which they bought at the Pritamdas Jewellers. Suchi was taken care of Mastana, an aid of Shahana who works in the Jewellers. He is concerned on Suchi so he is always on the look even if Jadda is interfering. He is in love with Rinky, a girl from the bar who wanted him to marry her as soon as possible. Rinky meets Mastana the same day that Shantanu visits the Jewellers. Raku and Rakesh also visit the same day. Pritamdas identified the pendant that Shantanu brings through Shahana. She came with Suchi and one of his people interrupts and accidentally, the pendant got exchanged and falls in the showcase. Raju and Rakesh bought the pendant for Rashmi and they leave the store. Rinky came by and took some jewellery when no one is watching. One of the jewelleries looks the same as the detonator. When Shahana arrives, she finds out that the real detonator was gone. She shoots the Jewelleer and takes the surveillance tapes and leaves the store with Shantanu and Suchi. As she checks on the tapes, she sees Rinky steling the pendant so  she starts looking for her. Mantana attempts to ask Rinky to return the pendant but she did not listen.

After so many twists and turns in the story, it was later revealed that the 2612 scheme was all about Shahana’s plans to distribute a tablet with the Nova 6 Bomb to 12 students in 26 states and ensure that 312 bombs will be spread around the country. After that, they will detonate it all at the same time, so many people will die.

As the story starts with an unequivocally situation, Shahana and Rashmi both die in the end.