Hindi Awards Cid Veerta Awards

Cid Veerta Awards Hindi tv-serials on SONY ENTERTAINMENT


The CID Veerta awards are basically to show some gratitude to the real heroes of our nation like police teams, soldiers etc. It is an initiative to pay back to the real heroes of our country. This award also shows its honour to the civil people who have done something brave. Even the CID team from Sony gives these individuals a chance to act in their episodes This is a good initiative to encourage the civilians to do something for their nation since it is not the responsibility of police teams or soldiers only. Due to the CID veerta awards, civilians like us started interacting with the police.

We came to know about the other side of the police which is pleasant and changed our mind set about law enforcement of being rude to civilians. This show changed the perception of normal people about the police department, and showed us another side of them. So this is the biggest change that the entertainment industry brought to our lives and people also appreciate this award show. It is specially celebrated to show respect to the real heroes of our nation which are the police officers and soldiers. Another reason for celebrating this award show is to give some focused light on the civilians.

The CID Veerta awards' search for the brave person every year among the common man who show their excellent bravery in real life situations to bring them into the limelight for their deeds. This award show is celebrated once in a year, and all the gems and heroes of real life can be seen at this award show. There are many performances for the audience. All the high post employees of the police department will be present there with their families, and I think this is the only day when the police department and civilians can enjoy together.