Hindi Awards 12th National Film Awards

12th National Film Awards Hindi AWARDS on YouTube Channel

The National Award has been given every year to praise the work of the people in the cinema industry and, it motivates them to continue their work with zeal and, enthusiasm. The 12th National Film Award was given to the appreciation of the best category of the individual in every field. It was given to the Indian cinema that was released in the year 1964. The award was distributed on 31 May 1965 at Vigyan Bhavan, Delhi. The awards were given by the 'P.V.Cherian' who was the Governor of the Maharashtra. Here, we have complete information for you to check out. The 12th National Award had brought the new things for the cinema industry. In this award, a new award was introduced.

The Best Story Writer award was started from this year. The English and, the Kashmiri film languages were also taken into the consideration for the Best Feature Film category in the respective languages. The Best Feature Film was won by the Bengali movie Charulata. ' R D Bansal' was the producer while; Satyajit Ray was the director of the cinema. The Second Best Feature Film Award went to the Hindi movie Haqeeqat. The ' Chetan Anand' was the director as well as producer of the film.

The third award for the Best Feature Film received by the Tamil cinema UnnaipolOruvan. The Aasiya Jyothi' was the producer while;D.' Jayakanthan' was the director of the movie. The Bengali Film Aarohi got the honour for the Best Story Writer. Balai Chand Mukhopadhyay was the winner in this category. This movie was also the winner in the Feature Film in Bengali. The feature film in the Assamese language went to the Pratidhwaniwhile; that of feature film English language was received by the Avalanche movie.

The Feature film in the Hindi language was won by the Yadein while; that in the Kannada language went to the Chandavalliya Thota. The winner for the Marathi language was Pathlaag and, Mainz-Raat was a winner in the Kashmiri language. The Best Feature Film in Oriya, Punjabi, and, Telugu were Sadhana, Jagger, and, Doctor Chakravarthy respectively. The One Day English movie got the award for the Best Documentary Film. The 'Jagat Murthy' was the producer while; N.S.Sastry was the director for the One Day.

The Hindi movie Sterilisation of the Female received the award for the Best Educational film. The Best Children Film honour was not given during this year. The reason was not explained by the panel.