English Tv Show Vh1 Secret Stash

Vh1 Secret Stash English TV SHOWS on Vh1 India

Vh1 secret stash is a late-night music show that airs on Vh1 India every night from 11 pm to 12 pm. Vh1 India is a pop-culture channel that is established by MTV and Zee-turner together, inspired by an American channel of the same name. Vh1 secret stash is a program that plays curated playlists consisting of popular English songs and artists from around the world. The playlist is created by the editor of the program and consists of ten to twelve songs, which are played back to back.

The playlist is displayed as a scrapbook, where two pages are dedicated to one song. Pictures and doodles are made on it, along with the name of the song and the artist. The refreshing fact about the show is that the editor creates playlists that would cover all the moods a man can swing. We might have never heard some of the songs on the list, but the viewers enjoy them nonetheless.