English Tv Show Vh1 Nocturne

Vh1 Nocturne English TV SHOWS on Vh1 India

Vh1 Nocturne is a midnight music show that airs on Vh1 India from midnight to 6 am. Vh1 India is a pop-culture channel that is established by MTV and Zee-turner together, inspired by an American channel of the same name. This show is created and directed by Victor Daruwala. 

Vh1 Nocturne is a music block that plays a compilation of the latest pop music of the English language. It introduces viewers to all the latest songs and artists. They play a recurring video of 3-d images with dark colors that give viewers the feeling of watching and listening to a DJ in a club or at a concert. The show is the perfect go-to for night lifers when they are bored with their playlists. The show mainly attracted the youth who enjoy pop-culture and late-night music.