English Tv Show True Blood Season 7

True Blood Season 7 English TV SERIALS on HBO

True Blood Season 7 is an HBO drama TV series. True Blood is a supernatural drama TV serial in the English language. The drama TV series has already come up with six seasons and its last and final season which is Season7 came on 22nd June 2014. Episode 1 was called Jesus Gonna Be Here in which The Hep V vampires actually attack Bon but they are called off by some unseen person. However Ariene, Nicole who is pregnant and, Holly get abducted. Tara dies in that attack. Willa feeds her to save her life with some vampire blood which causes Tara hallucinations. Pam still looks for Eric. Jessica tries her best to win the trust of Andy and, Adilyn. Someone sees Sam shifting. Sookie receives a lot of hate from the town people yet pleads them to take her help. Episode 2 was called I Found You. Holly and Arlene make a plan to escape but fail. Andy, Sookie, Sam and Jason go to the Saint Alice to actually find out if anyone survived the war.

They found themselves a ghost town and a mass grave. Jessica tries to help Adiyn whereas Bon Temps take all the matters in their hands. Pam finally finds Eric. Similarily the story of the Season 7 goes on where Alcide gets killed, Maxine Fortenberry is also killed. Later, James and Lafaytte throw a party in the name of celebration of life at Sookie’s. There enters Sarah’s vampire sister whose name is Amber Mills. Lettie wants to go to a town party for which she drugs her own husband. James gets intimate with Lafayette. After this the story revolves around Lost Cause, Karma, Thee Last time, Home and, Love vs Die situation. In the end Pam and Eric kill the Yakanomo. Bill manages to convince Sookie to kill him as this would give Sookie the normal life that she wants but she hesitates. Bill meets everyone before his death. Sookie disagrees to use her powers to kill Bill. But Bill confesses his love for her and lies in the coffin.

The show takes a leap of four years where there is a corporation named New Blood run by Eric and Pam claiming that they have found a cure to Hep V. Pam had hidden Sarah whose blood sample they have used to make the cure in Fangtasia’s basement. Steve’s spirit haunts Sarah. Sookie is married to someone else now. Soookie arranges a Thanksgiving party where old and new faces of the show arrive. And the story of the TV series comes to an end.

The main cast of this supernatural TV series is Anna Paquin who played Sookie Stackhouse, Stephen Moyer who played Bill Compton, Sam Trammell who played Sam Merlotte, Ryan Kwante who portrayed Jason Stackhouse, Rutina Welsey who portrayed Tara Thornton, Alexander Skarsgard who played Eric Northman, Chris Bauer who played Andy Bellefleur, Kristin Bauer who played Pam Swynford, Amelia Rose Blaire who played Pam Swynford De Beaufort, Lauren Bowles who played Willa Burrell, Tara Buck who played Ginger, Anna Camp who played Sarah Newlin, Karolina Wydra who played Violet Mazurski and many other characters who played talented actors The season also came to an end with Season 7.