English Tv Show The Walking Dead Season 6

The Walking Dead Season 6 English TV SERIALS on AMC

The Walking Dead is an American Horror television series produced by Frank Darabont. It is built on the Graphic novel series also known as “The Walking Dead” which was written by Charlie Adlard, Tony Moore and Robert Kirkman. It is mainly built on the character Rick Grims who is a local sheriff played by Andrew Lincoln. Rick wakes up from a coma to find everyone living in a post-apocalyptic world which was filled with Zombies. He reunites with his wife and children after many years. He becomes the leader of a resistance group he forms with other survivors to fight against the Walkers. He also has to protect them against other surviving groups who are willing to do whatever necessary to ensure their longevity.

In Season 5, we saw the crew finally re-united but under the worst circumstances. Gareth, the leader of Terminus, has them under his custody and tortures them. The gang is back in the wilderness and meets a Priest. They decide to stay at his church even though they don’t fully trust him. They leave the church in a bus, but Rick, and a few others stay behind to wait for Carrol and Daryl. Beth wakes up in a hospital. The doctor and cop there tell her that they found her on the side of the road. She meets a boy named Noah who was also planning to escape from the Hospital. After they escape, they re-unite with the group. Noah is convinced that his family is still alive and well in Virginia.  The crew decides to go there but only to find out that his family was dead. They meet a mysterious stranger by the name Aaron who offers them refuge at a nearby town called Alexandria. Rick feels skeptical about the group’s blindness to the horrors present in the outside world and tries to train them. The priest tells Diana, the leader of the community, that Rick’s group can’t be trusted, and Maggi overhears him.

Carrol finds out that Jessie’s husband Pete has been physically abusing her. Diana calls for a meeting to address the issue. The Priest leaves the community gate open, and Walkers enter Alexandria. Rick luckily sees this and kills the Walkers. Diana agrees with Rick and asks him to take over. Morgan is alive and finds his way to Alexandria where he sees Rick killing Pete.

Watch as Rick trains the people of Alexandria to fight against the Walkers. Some might come out swinging, and some might fail and get themselves killed. Morgan strongly disagrees with the ideals of Rick which turns their relationship sour. To find out more, Tune in.