English Tv Show The Vampire Diaries Season 7

The Vampire Diaries Season 7 English TV SHOWS on The CW

Before October 2015, there were few doubts whether season seven of the supernatural series would ever be aired. Though on 11 January 2015, the CW renewed the hit series. The seventh season then aired later in the year. The seventh season is also the first one to not feature Nina Dobrev. The Vampire Diaries has also been confirmed to be renewed for the eight and the final season. Season seven contains twenty-two episodes with each of them being an hour long.

Damon hasn't been acting like himself lately. After losing the love of his life he needs to think carefully and start being like he was before. Bonnie is worried about Damon, and she decides to guide him away from his grief. She also has the responsibility to watch out for the evil Alraic. Stefan is busy protecting the whole town from Lily. Damon finally takes a decision which depending on the circumstances can have a negative impact on the deal between Lily and Stefan. Damon starts thinking about the resources he has and assumes he will easily defeat Lily. But something happens which leaves him running away from Lily, and now he has to search for another plan. Julian had been consistently causing nuisance, and he no longer needs to be alive

Stefan and Damon are preparing a plan to kill Julian. Caroline is freaking out after she gets to know that she is carrying Ric’s child. It is anniversary times with Mary and Nora celebrating their anniversary. Julian is going to be present at the party as he has some special plans for the couple. Lily also has a special plan for Julian, which she has formulated by taking the help of her kids. Ever since her death, Damon seems to have descended on the dark side. Stefan spends a lot of time in the tomb, and he now knows the reason behind this descent of Damon.

Rayna Cruz is a vampire hunter who has made it her mission to capture as many vampires as possible. Damon got involved with her when he clearly knew it would put his loved ones at risk. He now has to find her and make things right before she hurts his family. When Damon isn't able to handle Rayna Cruz, Stefan goes to New Orleans to make sure she stays away from their family. Over there he meets Klaus, an old friend of Stefan. They haven't spoken in a long while with each other. Klaus is not convinced about the journey made by his friend, and he is suspicious of his intentions with Rayna Cruz. Stefan seems to have taken that from Damon's hand. He now seems to have the responsibility to guide his friends and family away from risks which can endanger their life.