English Tv Show The Vampire Diaries Season 1

The Vampire Diaries Season 1 English TV SHOWS on The CW

Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec developed a television series named The Vampire Diaries that went on air on channel The CW. The series contains eight seasons and belongs to fantasy and drama genres with a bit of romance. Creators adapted the series from the novel series of the same name prepared by Lisa Jane Smith. The first season of The Vampire Diaries went on air in the United States on September 10, 2009, and ended on May 13, 2010, with 22 episodes. The season starts with insights given into the diary of 17-year-old cheerleader girl Elena Gilbert.

Parents of Elena had died in a tragic car accident four months ago, and now she is living with her 15-year-old brother Jeremy Gilbert in custody of their devastated Aunt Jenna that is just moved in as a surrogate parent. Elena is passing through a tough phase of life and is full of grief. Still, she becomes comfortable within her group of friends Bonnie, her best friend, Caroline her frenemy and her ex-boyfriend Matt while Jeremy starts using drugs seeking some relief. As the high school years starts at Mystic Falls High School, there comes a fascinating a new student Stefan Salvatore who is a 161-year-old vampire. Stefan and Elena feel attracted to each other, but after some time Stefan’s behaviour has strange changes as he appears suddenly at the cemetery.

At a bone fire party, Elena and Stefan as start to know each other a Vicki gets attacked and has a bite to her neck that turns her into a vampire. Having an insight about the attack, Stefan goes his home where he meets his elder brother Damon Salvatore after 15 years who taunts Stefan for not following their legacy of violence. Damon gets to know about the feelings of Stefan about Elena who appears exactly like the women whom Stefan and Damon loved a long time ago. It starts a rivalry between these two vampire brothers for the soul of Elena and her friends and the city Mystic Hills residents.

After a series of events, Elena gets to know about the existence of vampires and the prison of vampires in a tomb in the woods. While Damon gets succeeded in his plan to release Katherine Pierce, the woman he loved, from the grave, John Gilbert is in town as a vampire hunter. Elena gets to know that John is her birth father and that she was adopted, her birth mother is now a vampire, while her late dad was the doctor who was the obstetrician during her birth. The interesting point comes when she finds the reason behind feelings of vampire brothers to her.

Jeremy swallows a pint of sleeping pills after concluding that Damon and Anna, who is Jeremy’s love interest, are captured along with Tyler in a raid. Meanwhile explaining his motives to Elena, who is Katherine posing as Elena, John gets stabbed by Katherine as Elena comes there and the story goes on. The first season of Vampire Diaries was critically acclaimed and acquired seven Teen Choice Awards with one People’s Choice Award. The main cast of the series.

The Vampire Diaries contains name as Paul Wesley who had a man lead in series as a character of Stefan Salvatore a vegan vampire while Ian Somerhalder portrayed the role of Damon Salvatore, elder brother of Stefan. Steven R. McQueen gained a role of Jeremy Gilbert while Zach Roerig is shown as Matt Donavan. Other characters are Michal Trevino and Matt Donavan posed as Tyler Lockwood and Alaric Saltzman respectively. The lead actress of the series is Nina Dobrev posed as Elena Gilbert/ Katherine Pierce.

Sara Canning and Katerina Graham have portrayed the role of Jenna Sommers and Bonnie Bennett/ Emily Bennett respectively. Roles of Candice Accola as Carolina Forbes and Kayla Ewell as Vicci Donavan are also worth mentioned.