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English Tv Show The Shield Season 1

The Shield Season 1 English TV SHOWS on FX

The Shield, though not explicitly advertised as, but is loosely based on the true life Rampart Division police scandal. It was thought with the purpose of portraying corrupt cops, and the show’s Strike team took inspiration from the case above. It was also originally known as Rampart though later on it was only known as the shield. It is an American crime drama television and shown on FX in the United States. The series is created by Shawn Ryan Shawn Ryan was born on October 11th in 1966, in Ro >> Read More... and The Barn Productions for Fox Television Studios and Sony Pictures Television.

This season consists of 13 episodes and starts off with David’s new assignment as the captain of the barn in the Farmington district. He joins with the top focus on getting detective Vic Mackey off the streets. Vic is the leader of an experimental anti-gang unit called the Strike Team. David feels that Vic is the person behind various illegal and corrupt activities favouring drug dealer Rondell Robinson and hires Terry to look into gathering evidence to prosecute Vic. Though Terry does start his investigation, he is extremely hesitant, and so he should be as Vic already has a thorough knowledge of the investigation underway.

David on his part has his own objectives which he aims to meet. David wants to be the Mayor of Los Angeles a task which would be easier if he were to be appointed as a council member. He tries an approach for this purpose by gaining the loyalty of the Latino community who do not trust the police or any other law- enforcement body at all. Hence, David’s chief aim is to expose the dark underbelly – that is the corrupt cops so as to gain their confidence. In one of the episodes during a raid of a drug dealer’s house - Rondell’s rival’s house, Mackey murders Crowley with Shane as his only witness.

Mackey is shrewd enough to use a gun which belongs to the drug dealer and effectually shoves the blame off himself. David feels that something is amiss and starts conducting an investigation into the murder and in particular into the Strike Team. Ben, Assistant Chief, on his part, tries to protect Mackey while Shane struggles with keeping his mouth shut unaware that there is indeed another witness to the crime. The season finale involves cops running awry due to false and hoax 911 calls.

Captain David is left flabbergasted and realises he needs Mackey’s help to stop these calls and solve the problems in The Grove. Ben Gilroy tries to build up tension and disruption between David and Mackey so as to save his own job.