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The Numtums is an animated TV series for children, mainly for pre-schoolers. It was created by a British animation studio called Beakus in 2010 and was directed by Steve Smith. It has two seasons; the first one targeting toddlers, the second one focussing on kids aged 3-5. The show’s main aim is to help kids learn numbers, hence the name ‘numtums' which stands for numbers. The characters of the show are 10 tiny animals, loosely based on Numbats, which is observed because the creatures are shown eating termites numerous times, each with a number written on its tummy. Each episode has a duration of about 13-15 minutes. \

The 10 numtums are named as follows in ascending order from 1-10 : “Bendy, Go Dar Dar, Champer, Gladdy, Little Sandy, Flinders, Humpty Do, Coogee, Hobart, Nimbin”. Each episode focuses on a single number and gives an idea about the quantity that the number represents. This is done via many activities like counting a number of fruits, locating hidden numbers, bursting the specified number of balloons etc.

Another interesting task shown was counting the number of cars passing on the road. Also, jumbled numbers were shown which were to be rearranged by the children watching. Drumming with the Numtums, another fun game involved hitting the drums for a given number of times. Alongside the numtums creatures, the show also had real kids who played with the numtums during the screening. They were made to solve puzzles and play games with other numtums.

There are many side characters apart from the ten numtums, one of them being Super Numtum. Super Numtum wears a cape and has the ability to fly. His job is to find the hidden number in the given backdrop, which maybe a telephone's numbered keypad, clothes drying on a line, bowling pins, flamingo legs etc. Others include Larry-the koala, Fluffy Mctuffy a lizard, Billy an echidna, and three rubber ducks Dennis, Finley, and Trixie.

Every dialogue in the show is heard against a melodious, funny beat that keeps the kids entertained. The title song begins with each Numtum identifying itself, it is repeated multiple times so for the viewer's better retention. Each episode celebrates a particular number around which everything is centered. The rest of the numtums and side characters all assist the main numtums to complete tasks and also for entertainment.