English Tv Show The Magic Of Science

The Magic Of Science English TV SHOWS on Discovery Channel

A show which juxtapositions science and magic, infusing them together to make an unbelievable illusion in front of the human eyes. Consisting of amazing unimaginable tricks, astounding and astonishing stunts performed with the help of science and technology, to show as magic. They believe that practice them enough and you become a master,unveiling millions of mysteries around us, in the greatest of settings. Having flooded their audience with this magnificent extravaganza, the magicians then display the enchanting science behind their incredible illusions.

Presented in front of the common and unsuspecting audience, it’s truly mind-boggling how these extravagant tricks lead to deception. It explains bizarre stunts such as crushing a ten-tonne oil tanker like a soda can and drive across a swimming pool without sinking in! Created by the Discovery Channel, it is definitely of one the most brilliant and mind wrecking shows ever. It challenges a man’s capacity to go beyond the obvious and take it to its extreme possibilities. Mixing and matching street magic with the power of science, this show creates a possibility to experience incredibility in its truest forms.

It elevates magic to new heights as the four world famous magicians,a Canadian female, Billy Kidd, an American Wayne Houchin, from Briton, Ben Hanlin and from Australia James Galea fuse real science with various competent exhibitions that can blow one’s mind away. Including this, the show’s platform will also test the limits of science and magic by going undercover and having hidden camera set pieces where the public have no clue that they are being recorded. The show aired on 11th November 2012 and has 2 seasons, consisting of a total of 15 episodes overall.

From mind games to heavy physical tricks, they insist on making them all look natural and a pure work of magic, without unraveling the science behind it to the audience. In some episodes, Ben Hanlin sets up a kiosk to sell a liquid that fixes broken glass. Wayne Houchin baffles the New York City with his predictions. Billy Kidd slices a basketball into two, and using the exact same sword, Nate Staniforth indulges in a horrific stunt that puts his life in danger. All of the tricks look like utter magic until they unleash the truth, which is actually science! The secret of these flabbergasted performances isthe extraordinary science that makes the impossible possible.