English Tv Show The Great Indian Rasoi 2

The Great Indian Rasoi 2 English TV SHOWS on YouTube Channel

“The Great Indian Rasoi 2” is the second season of an exploratory food show, The Great India Rasoi. The features the food explorer, Ranveer Brar. Ranveer Brar is an Indian chef, a food stylist and Television host. He hosted many cookery shows and judged the cooking based competition show, MasterChef India.

He is also a restaurateur. On the show, Ranveer explores the culinary customs in different regions of the country. He visits different places,famous restaurants, food stalls and tastes the regional food. He also unveils the recipes of tasty Indian foods. India, being the land of diversified customs, religions, languages, traditions, homes diversified and variety of culinary customs and traditions. The show takes us through an amazing journey exploring different new places, and experiencing new foods.

Experiencing and exploring the tantalizing Indian recipes is something which attracts the viewers. The show features Foodtainment, something which is a fanatical experience for the foodies. Mumbai city exhibits a variety of communities living together in a harmony. “Cooking With Different Communities In Mumbai” titled episode explores the diversified culinary customs of the communities like Kolis, Bohris, and Parsis. “Mumbai’s Age-Old Iconic Restaurants” is an episode featuring Madras café, Bhagat Tarachand, The Taj Mahal Palace, which are very famous eateries in the Mumbai City. In this episode, the host visits all the famous restaurants of the city and explore the delectable menu. “Delhi’s Must-Visit Food Spots” titled episode features the exploration of the street foods and eateries in the country’s capital city.

The host entraps the viewers’ attention to the Netaji’s Chaiwalla’s hot cup of tea, momos and much more of this sort. “Finding Food From Different Countries In Banaras” is an episode featuring the culinary traditions and food recipes found in Banaras which had an impact of different traditions like ancient Indian culture, Italian culture, etc. In the episode titled, “Relishing The Street Food Of Banaras,” Ranveer explores the street food of the holy city, Banaras. The chef then visits Hyderabad, a city known for its food and diversified cultures.

An interesting city, Hyderabad has much interesting food recipes and culinary customs. “Savoring Hyderabadi Cuisine Beyond Its Signature Biryani” titled episode takes us through the journey of palatable food of Hyderabad. Generally, Hyderabad reminds us of Biryani. But, besides Biryani, there are many exciting foods to taste in the city. The host tastes the brilliant foods like Shawarma, Jalebi-fafdi, South Indian Meals, bakery items from Karachi bakery, Shadab Biryani, Haleem and much more.