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Teen Wolf (Season 4) was an American Supernatural drama in English created by Jeff Davis and aired from 23rd June 2014 to 8th September 2014. The season was proposed on 12 October 2013 featuring around 12 episodes and is somewhat based on the movie Teen Wolf (1985). The show revolves around the protagonist Scott McCall (Tyler Posey) along with his friends Stiles Stilinski (Dylan O’Brien), Derek Hale (Tyler Hoechlin), Lydia Martin (Holland Roden), Malia Tate (Shelly Hennig) and Kira Yukimura (Arden Cho). Scott with his friends goes to Mexico in search of Spanish hunter clan ‘Calaveras’, which were hunting Derek. But, Araya, the lead hunter makes them realise that it was Kate Argent who was wrongly presumed to be dead, has taken Derek.

In his search (Derek), the group goes to a deserted town namely La Iglesia, famous as the home of Nagual (where Jaguars), the supernatural creatures. Scott and Braeden carried on alone after Stiles’s jeep malfunctioned, they enter a church buried in the town, but are attacked by creatures with bone armour. Meanwhile, in the desert, a second creature attacks armour. Meanwhile, in the desert, a second creature attacks Malia. Luckily, both the groups manage to escape the aggressors, and in the church, Scott and Braeden find an adolescent version of Derek. In the past, Peter teaches Derek to control his shift using ‘Triskelion’, an artefact. Presently, Kate kills a gas station attendant and gets out of control when he transforms. Scott, along with his friends return from Mexico and Derek attacks Deaton and his house who himself was baffled by Derek’s regression. Kate abducts Derek from Scott’s house, and Scott stops him, who allies with Peter to ruin his plan and identifies the creatures who attacked Scott.

Kate along with Derek infiltrates Hale family’s vault to get ‘Triskelion’ to get control over his shift. Meanwhile, Scott, Malia and Kira confront the Berserkers but are defeated. On the other hand, Peter takes on Derek and Kate, from where Derek’s leaves to help Scott, while Peter tells that the ‘Triskelion’ is of very little use. Peter and Kate fight, but an anonymous person blinds them and steals the briefcase. Kate ran again, and Derek returns to his original age. Peter reveals to others that around 117 million dollars are taken as the loot. A new entry namely Sean Walcott, an ordinary looking teen, with his family, was attacked by a mouthless assassin Mute, who slaughters his family but Sean escapes. Liam, new admission in the school, is good at lacrosse field, and Stiles and Scott are worried that their positions are in danger.

Stiles asks Scott to use his werewolf abilities in the field. Scott starts excelling again but unintentionally injures Liam. Meanwhile, Deputy Parrish and Lydia investigate Sean’s house and find a meat locker full of human corpses. Sean, now identified as Wendigo, kills one of the policemen and takes Liam as a hostage. Scott saves Liam from falling by biting his leg. Sean gets killed by Mute and Scott realises that his bite can turn Liam into a werewolf. Mute attacks and injures Peter. Scott tries to prevent Liam from the upcoming full moon while Deputy Parrish, Sheriff Stilinski and Derek find that a Benefactor hires Mute. Scott locks up Liam in Lydia’s lake house where Liam texted his friend a false message of the party at the house. Lydia deals with the party prank and finds a room with soundproofed walls in her house. Derek and Sheriff locate Mute at the high school. While they were avoiding claymore mine, Peter appears and kills Mute. Liam escape, but Scott with the help of Chris Argent subdue him. While at the party, Violet and her boyfriend Garrett, an agent of Benefactor killed a werewolf.

Lydia deciphers the code in Mute’s computer using keyword ‘ALLISON’ which is a hit list naming ‘Deadpool’ containing names of all supernatural beings of Beacon Hills along with her friends’ names. Violet and Garrett kills another werewolf and then plans to take one more in the lacrosse scrimmage. When Lydia fails to decipher key, she along with Malia contact Meredith Walker a banshee from Eichen House. Derek tells Chris about his power loss. While, Scott, Stiles and Kira spend the game trying to protect Liam as he may be the next target but another werewolf Brett unknown to them is the target. Meredith helps Lydia decipher second code using keyword ‘AIDEN’ and is surprised to find that Deadpool contains the name of Deputy. Using Brett as the bait, Violet tries to take down Scott, but he overpowers her. Agent McCall recognises Violet as the member of a group of teenage serial killers named ‘Orphan’. To free Violet, Garrett attacks and poisons Liam but Kate and Berserkers have already abducted Violet and Garrett is killed. To find the pack of werewolves killed by assassins, Derek takes help from Malia. Meredith refuses to help decipher the last code as Benefactor ordered her not to help. Scott and Chris face off Kate and Berserkers but he overpowers them, and Violet dies in the fight. Derek and Malia find Satomi’s pack, but they are all dead. Scott rescues Liam by following his distress howl. Lydia deciphers the last code and finds Liam, Malia and Meredith names in the Deadpool.

Meanwhile, Scott and Stiles finds the money offered to Garett and Violet by Benefactor. Peter offers Kate to help to teach her to control her shift. A virus spreads during the PSATs, and school thus placed under quarantine. At the animal clinic, Deaton confronts Satomi who tells him that her pack have been killed by the virus and she is the only one left because of her immunity. After the autopsy, Deaton discovers out that the virus is an evolved form of ‘canine distemper’. With the help from Satomi, they figure out that Reishi tea leaves are the disease cure. The virus affects Scott, Malia and Kira and they all are dying. A teacher supervising PSATs, who is responsible for virus breakout is killed by Agent McCall while saving Stiles from the teacher. Scott finally finds the jar containing tea leaves and breaks glass, releasing the spores which cure the disease. Malia learns that she is Peter’s daughter. To make benefactor open up, Scott is put to the near death situation with only 45 minutes remaining until he dies. Derek reveals that he lost all of his powers and so, Braeden teaches him fighting using guns. Scott starts to get hallucination where Liam sometimes can convince him to embrace his werewolf nature completely and that he can kill the assassins, while sometimes, Liam is not able to convince him and Scoot kills Liam using Mute tomahawk.

Malia asks Peter that she wants information on her biological mother and so, Peter tries to locate ‘Desert Wolf’. Kate and Berserker infiltrate into the hospital to confirm whether Scott is dead or not but Chris asks her to leave. Lydia discovers that her grandmother wrote part of Deadpool list and found another message in the code Parrish partner attacks and burns him alive, only to live in the supernatural world. Scott and his friends recognise that the Deadpool is accessible by anyone. Lydia’s grandmother spent many years researching about her powers and one of them seriously injured Meredith. Stiles and Lydia find that the code written by Lydia’s grandmother is the list of names which belonged to patients currently in Eichen House.

The annual bonfire which Scott, Liam and Lydia attend turns out to be a trick as the music affects their senses and makes them sick, making the guards to attack them. Braeden and Derek come to rescue while Parrish kills Brunski saving Stiles and Lydia from him. Meredith reveals that she is the benefactor. Lydia tries to talk to Meredith to know how she knows Peter but she only wants to talk to Peter who can read her mind to know how she knows him. Lydia finds that during Meredith’s stay in the hospital, she and Peter were in the same room and so she listened to all his thoughts and plans and decided to carry out his plans when she heard Lydia’s scream on Allison’s death. So, she made Brunski steal money from Peter’s vault and hired assassins to kill every supernatural in the Beacon Hills.

During the fight with hunters, Scott transformed into a new form but reverted when the hunter surrenders. Stiles and Malia find old computer behind the walls of the soundproofed room, and they shut them down thus deactivating Deadpool and terminating Benefactor’s contract. DrValack, one of the inmates of Dr Deaton claims to have knowledge of what Kate did to Derek. Deaton, while trying to gain information through Valack’s third eye, ended up in the coma. Peter impaled Chris with a metal bar when he was following Kate. Kate ambushes Scott and Kira on their date and they are defeated and abducted. Peter made a deal with Malia that if she helps him killing Kate, he will give Malia her mother’s identity.

Kate captures Scott and Kira in the deserted church in the same Mexican town where Derek was kept and told Scott about her plan of converting him into a Berserker. Kira who was lying in tunnels is attacked by Scott now a Berserker. Kate explains to her that when she turned into a Nagual, she was drawn to La Iglesia and found Berserkers. The pack arrives at La Iglesia but Scott attacks them and Derek injures. Braeden protects Derek while everyone else is behind Scott. Peter, Liam and Malia control Scott while Liam finds Kira and brings her back.

In Beacon Hills, in the school, all the Berserkers are killed using Mute’s mine. Derek dies revealing that his body is again evolving back to the wolf. Kate discloses that she wants to kill Scott because she thinks that he killed Allison. Peter according to his real plan, attacks Scott but was defeated by the werewolf. Chris is set to hunt down Kate whereas Peter is imprisoned in the same supernatural wing at Eichen House with Dr Valack.