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The Teen Wolf is an American supernatural show. This show is developed by Jeff Davis. Its story is based on the movie Teen Wolf(same name)which released in 1985. The third season contains 24 episodes. The score of this show is composed by Dino Meneghin and produced by Tyler Posey, Blaine Williams and editor of this show are Gabriel Cusumano, Edward R. Abroms, David Daniel Kim Powell.

The star Tyler Posey takes up the role of a teenager named Scott McCall. He bitten is by a werewolf and he must take efforts to handle his difficult identity in his regular life. The third season filmed in two parts. Part 1 of season-3: Jackson Whittemore has gone to London. A new teacher, Jennifer Blake (Haley Webb) comes to Beacon Hills High and is interested in Derek.

While thoroughly searching the Alpha pack who have taken shelter in a bank, they found that Erica's Reyes (Gage Golightly) is dead and Derek's sister Cora Hale (Adelaide Kane) is imprisoned. Tyler Poley,Allison Argent, Derek Hale and the others of their group meet with a new foe. This is the Lethal Alpha pack that has come all the way to Beacon Hills and who is responsible for kidnapping Vernon Boyd(Sinqua Walls). And there are other complications too that add to the story. Part -2 of season-3: Scott is finding it difficult to get a place of an Alpha. He along with Alison and Stiles start to experience peculiar side effects. This is caused due to the reigniting of the power inside Beacon Hills.

Finally it dawn upon them that a student Kira Yukimura will find solutions to their problems. She has superb powers. Then there are some happenings that lead to disastrous events.

There are some similarities and difference between serial and movie as in movie all were known that Scott was a wolf, but in the serial, it is a suspense there for the audience. In serial Stiles wears T-shirts that has the Beatles and Royal Air Force roundel symbol, while original Stiles wear shirts that included highly offensive phrases. Social media shows that this season is liked by the fans soon much.