English Tv Show Teen Wolf Season 2

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Teen Wolf is an America based TV series developed by Jeff Davis. It is roughly based on the movie of the same name released in the year 1985. The main genres of the show are Horror, Romance, Action and Drama. It is about the life of a teenager Scott McCall who is bitten by a Werewolf when he goes exploring into the jungle along with his best friend, Stiles Stilenski. Scott McCall is portrayed by Tyler Posey and Stiles Stilenski by Dylan O’Brien. Scott slowly starts to transform into a Werewolf and tries to control his new found powers. He falls in love with a girl Lydia Martin but struggles to balance his love life and his other life. He also has regular disputes with his classmate Jackson Whittemore played by Colton Haynes.

Derek Hale who was born a werewolf finds Scott and trains him. He helps Scott to control his powers and teaches him how to fight. Derek is on a mission to locate the alpha werewolf and kill it. Scott offers to help when he learns that the alpha was the one that turned him into a werewolf. About half-way through the first season, Scott finds out that his girlfriend’s entire family are professional wolf hunters. He contemplates about telling her the truth but decides not to as that would directly put her in danger.

Scott has a vision that showed that the alpha was none other than Hale’s Uncle Peter but decides not to tell Derek. Scott decides that he has finally had enough and wants to live a normal life. After doing a lot of research, they find out that if Scott kills the alpha, then he can turn back into a human. So he sets off looking for Peter. Meanwhile, Lydia’s Aunt Kate captures Derek and tries to kill him, but Scott gets there just in time to save him. Derek kills Kate as he thought she was the one responsible for the murder of his family.

After he kills her, the alpha appears out of nowhere and tries to kill Lydia. So Scott and Derek Tam up with the Hunters and try to kill the alpha. They bring it down to its knees and are about to kill it. Scott begs Derek to let him kill the alpha, but Derek refuses and kills it himself. Now this made Derek the new alpha. The season ends with Jackson asking Derek to turn him into a wolf to which he obliges.

Season two is going to be very intriguing as people cannot wait to know what happens to Jackson and also what might happen to Scott as he aims to fathom a way to become human again. It will also show the relationship between Scott and Lydia develop as they try to take it to the next level. It features the threat Lydia’s grandfather possess as he tries to start a war against the wolves to avenge the death of his daughter and also other threats that come their way.