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Teen Wolf, an American supernatural drama, developed by Jeff Davis based on a film of the same name. It was first screened on June 5, 2011 and ended on August 15, 2011 on the MTV network. The season showed 12 episodes.

Scott McCall is the protagonist who is an average teenager, living with his single mom, suffering from asthama. He, one night with his best friend Stiles Stilinski, the son of a local sheriff, finds out about a corpse in the wood found by police. They try to find out the other half when Scott is bitten by a werewolf.

After the accident, Scott gains supernatural powers that enhanced his speed and heightened his senses. He has a romantic feeling for a school newcomer, Allison Argent whose father is a werewolf hunter. Beta is a werewolf whose family was destroyed in fire during a mysterious house fire. He meets Scott and Stiles. They come to know of the second half of the missing corpse and learn it is Derek’s sister, Laura Hale.

They discover Alpha werewolf, the most powerful of all wolves, was on a murdering spree and has bit him also. After realizing the threat to his loved ones, including his girlfriend as she didn’t know her father was a werewolf, because of his new life, he was forced to proctect everyone.

There is an entry of Allison’s cruel werewolf-huner aunt, Kate Argent. Derek feels that Scott;’s boss, DR. Alan Deaton is the werewolf Alpha. As they confirm he is not and that he is aware of the supernatural world, they become ally. Kate tells Derek that she started the fire, and reveals the existence of werewolves to Allison. Scott realizes tat Peter had taken the life of Laura to become an Alpha werewolf. Kate was actually cruel and remorseless and was killed by Peter for his revenge for the fire. Derek however kills and becomes the new Alpha werewolf. Derek bites Jackson on his demand at the end. This series was nominated for a lot of categories like Choice TV Fantasy/Science Fiction, Choice Summer TV show, Choice TV Actress, Choice Summer TV Star- Female, Breakout Star and Choice Summer TV Star- male in the 2011 Teen Choice Awards.