English Tv Show Skins Series 4

Skins Series 4 English TV SERIALS on E4

Skins is a British TV show classified under the genre of teen comedy drama. Written by the father-son duo of script writers, Skins appeals to the teenage sector as it follows the lives of spoilt teenagers residing in Bristol, South West England. The show was seen to stir up much controversy for it was seen to use many explicit and hidden story lines, most of them containing graphic information of the lives of the teenagers. Bryan Elsley and his son Jamie Britain wrote the many horrors of teenage life, including, sexuality, depression, substance abuse, mental illness and dysfunctional families. Due to the nature of the topics portrayed, Skins was seen to be a relatable TV show for teenagers all around. The season 4 of Skins has each episode titled under one of the person's name.

The series follows the new set of teenagers on their journey through life. Effy, Pandora, Thomas, James and Freddie McClair are the main cast members. The entire season deals with the suicide of Sophie, Effy and Thomas's friend. Concepts of drug and alcohol abuse frequent the plot. The series also follows the love and sex lives of the main cast as they are all seen to be different and confused. Along with drug abuse, there are also instances of vandalism, gang violence and physical abuse. All of these elements are seen to enlighten the viewers of the dangers and resources of the high-class British teen life.

All of the characters are written to be flawed, though there is no explicit display of the trauma and violence ever affecting their party ways. Just as the season starts off with the suicide of Sophie, the season ends with a twist which is seen to leave the audience hanging waiting for the next season. Some of the major plot points are the love affairs between the teens, including a same-sex relationship. There are constant references to drugs and alcohol and parties which are often seen to be assimilated with the script.

The entire season has massive amounts of violence and injustice, along with subtle story lines of redemption and love. The season is also shown to host many instances involving the British police, which is seen to enlighten the youth of the various consequences they are to face if they behave in the manner expressed. Though the season is seen to host many controversial topics, the characters in place are seen to grow and one is ready for the return of Skins for its fifth season.