English Tv Show Naked And Afraid

Naked And Afraid English TV SHOWS on Discovery Channel

Naked and Afraid is an English language TV show that airs on the Discovery Channel every Sunday at 8 pm. It started airing on 23 June 2013. It is a reality show that features the adventures of two strangers, one male and one female, who need to spend 21 days together in the wilderness. Auditions are conducted for the survivalists, and those who can prove to be capable of surviving in extreme conditions are selected. They are allowed to get only one item with them, like a fire maker, machete, duct tape, only one item. They meet for the first time in the location and start their journey after stripping naked. They are provided with a satchel containing a personal diary/camera and a map. They need to find food and shelter for the remaining 21 days without the help of the camera crew, who record their movements. Each episode features the journey of one pair in a remote location.

The Voice Over explaining the events is given by Michael Brown. The show ran for ten completed seasons, and the eleventh was stopped due to the world-wide lockdown. The first season had six pairs who were taken to the following locations, one each; the Costa Rican jungle, Tanzania’s Serengeti Plain, an island in the Maldives archipelago, a Panamanian Island, Borneo, swamps of Louisiana, and the Panamanian coast. The second season had six locations, they are; Amazon rainforest, Madagascar’s Massif D’Isalo desert, a deserted island in Fiji, a jungle in Belize, Malaysia rainforest, and a Bolivian jungle. There were ten pairs in the third season who went to the following locations; Namibia, Bahamas’ Andros Island, Cambodia, Nicaragua, Argentina’s Yungas forest, a deserted beach in Dominica, Himalayan foothills in Northern India, Botswana, and Brazil’s North Region.

The fourth season had twelve pairs and twelve locations; South Florida Everglades, a jungle in Mexico’s Quintana Roo, Yucatan Peninsula, Guyana, the Himalayas in Udhampur, Thailand’s Ko Muk Island, Colombian jungle, Mexico’s Cayo Venado, and Surama rainforest. The fifth season had five pairs who went to the following locations; Panama’s Isla San Jose jungles, Mayan jungles of Belize, Namibia, West Nalaut Island in the Philippines. The sixth season had twelve locations; Alabama backwoods, Canada’s Bark Lake, Amazon rainforest in Colombia, Kopacki Rit in Croatia, jungles of Belize, Philippine forest, Thailand’s Sai Rung River Valley, Florida’s Seminole Forest, Australian Outback, Nicaragua, a rainforest in Honduras, and Namibia’s Caprivi Strip. The seventh season had eleven locations, they are; Belize, Ecuadorian cloud forest, the Caribbean, Montserrat, South Africa, Panama’s Burbayar jungle, Atchafalaya Swamp in Lousiana, the jungle of Quebrada Valencia.

The eighth season had six pairs who went to the following locations; Bahamas, Hawaii, jungles of Belize, Ecuador, Croatian Mountains. The ninth season had fifteen pairs who were taken to the following locations; Florida’s Wekiva river, Mayan jungle in Chiapas, Mississippi swamps, Jalapao region of Brazil, tropical island in Panama, jungle in Yucatan part of Mexico, Isla Zapatera, India Maiz, Smoky Mountains of Tennessee, Soninho River of Brazil, Honduran jungle, Rio Morales, and South Africa. The 26 pairs of the tenth season were taken to the following places; Alaskan glacier in the Boreal tundra, Brazilian island, jungles of Panama, Ecuadorian jungles, Chacahua in Mexico, South Africa’s Limpopo Basin, plains of Mozambique, jungles of Colombia, riverbank in Mapungubwe, Montebello, Guyana jungles, Rio Claro is Colombia, the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta in Columbia, Honduras, Brazilian Savannah of Cerrado, African Savannah, Tennessee’s Smoky Mountains, Sai Rung River Valley in Thailand.